Serena Frisby

Questions and answers:

  1. Before you came to Brookes what did you study and where?
  2. I studied at Tudor Hall School, Banbury. Achieved 9 GCSE’s (2A’s, 6B’s & 2C’s.) 3 A-levels (2A’s (Textiles & History of Art), 1C(French))

  3. What made you choose Brookes as a place to study?
  4. The course: the balance between interiors and architecture was strong and I liked how the Interior Architecture students overlapped so much with the Architecture students. Doing several modules within the Architecture course allowed a good integration of knowledge between the two. I also loved the city of Oxford.

  5. What do you think of the course now you're here?
  6. My personal opinion on the course is very positive. I very much enjoyed the course as it challenged and pushed me to understand the importance of design within interiors. Understanding how different spatial parameters can enhance the user's experience of space and trigger different mental states. Third year took a more professional approach towards design and representation encouraging me to adjust my style towards the real world of commercial design, which was extremely beneficial and great way to come out of the three years. Another great part of the course is that it is relatively small so there is a good amount of individual attention allowing you to really benefit from the knowledge, expertise and experience of the tutors.

  7. What are the best bits of studying at Brookes?
  8. It is hard to specify, but I guess the nurturing characteristic of the university. Having completed my three years I feel that during my studies, partly due to the fast pace of the course, it helped me to push my design motives and opinions forward, allowing not only my work to grow but myself as a person. I made great friends, went on awesome field trips and realised that interior design was a career that I really wanted to pursue.

  9. What advice do you have for others?
  10. Working in the studio is a huge benefit, you learn a lot from the people around you, and is a huge help in moving forward with the course. It has great atmosphere which helps to you push through certain stressful moments!

  11. After graduating from Brookes what were the next steps for your career and where are you working now?
  12. After graduating from Brookes in June 2015 I felt I had grown in myself and within my design abilities and knew that I wanted to work in Architecture/Interior Architecture. Within 2 months of graduating I secured my current job with little difficulty. I am now working at an Architecture firm called Stiff and Trevillion in London in their Interior Design Dept. They are a company who focus on the commercial sector of design, in particular offices, restaurants and retail.

  13. What have been the best moments so far?
  14. Obviously graduation, to see all the hard work finally end and paying off for the end result but for me being awarded the best year 3 graduating professional portfolio was probably a more important moment; it was a real shock and extremely rewarding. Lastly, getting my first job in the sector that I want to work in was an incredible feeling and an exciting new step. It’s great to be able to put what I have learned at Brookes into practice. It is very satisfying knowing everything I learned is being put to good use.

  15. What so far have been the most challenging moments?
  16. Challenging moments occurred whenever a design studio deadline approached, which everyone experiences but the pressure to always want to better your level of work is a continuous driver within the course.

  17. What job-hunting advice do you have for other graduates?
  18. I used my summer holidays to do work experience with several different interior and architecture companies to broaden my knowledge and show my commitment to the world of design in the hope that it would help to demonstrate my understanding of the importance of design within the industry aiding my position to secure a permanent job.

Serena studied Interior Architecture with the School of Architecture

I very much enjoyed the course as it challenged and pushed me to understand the importance of design within interiors.