Robert Dunbar

Robert Dunbar is full of praise for this relatively new course, among the first of its kind in the country. Now in his third year, he says it has been "incredibly hard work" but well worth it. In the first year, he studied alongside architecture students, taking a broad range of modules which explored all aspects of the design process.

"We were really challenged by our tutor to think for ourselves in totally new ways. I also like the fact that it's a very practical course. We have been involved in hands on project work every semester. For instance, we have just worked on an extension to a nursery school near Oxford, which included a sensory room and a clubhouse. Then the client came round and chose which of our schemes he preferred."

He says the course has allowed students to follow their own individual ideas. His dissertation was on the evolution of nightclubs, focusing on social and cultural changes.

"Everything we have done is based on the principles of good design. It has to look good, even an essay has to be well laid out and presented. The course has given us a really good basis in technology, too, and we have used all the main computer programmes." Field trips have taken him to Rome and Barcelona, and because the number of students studying Interior Architecture is relatively small, he says they have formed a tightly knit and supportive group now formalised in the Brookes Interior Architecture Society.

Robert, who went to a comprehensive school in Reading, had at first thought of a career in theatre design. But he opted for this course because it combines many of the elements of architecture with design and technology.

The social life at the Students' Union has been important to him, and, as President of the RAG society, he has been very much involved in volunteering.

What next? "I'm interested in events, perhaps event design and management. I'm learning so much on this course, I feel I will be able to tackle anything from a design point of view."

Robert Dunbar

Robert studied BA (Hons) Interior Architecture with the School of Architecture

I'm learning so much on this course, I feel I will be able to tackle anything from a design point of view.