Parveer Braich

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Questions and answers:

  1. Before you came to Brookes what did you study and where?
  2. Before I arrived at Oxford Brookes, I had studied three A levels; art AVCE (double, A,A) and textiles (B). I studied at Abbot Beyne in Burton upon Trent.

  3. What made you choose Brookes as a place to study?
  4. I had visited Oxford and Oxford Brookes twice before deciding I would like to study here. This was because of the calm environment and integration into the area I felt from Oxford. The course which I applied for at Brookes is the type where the working areas need to be approachable and pleasant. The studios for built environment appeared more impressive in comparison to other architecture schools I had visited.

  5. What do you think of the course now you're here?
  6. I am most grateful for the constant help and advice given by the design tutors as well as the history lectures being clear and informative. I have come to realise that this is a much more detailed course than some others at Brookes. I know this because my house mates are studying different courses to myself and have fewer assignments and are not as interested in it. The library also is resourceful and the accessibility of the computers and design software is good. However, the design module consists of 3d models and structures which is a nuisance for space and when the module is completed there is no formal method in recycling these materials.

  7. What are your plans for when you've completed your course, for work or further study?
  8. I plan to initially work for a company involving design of some sort. In order to remain creative I want to involve myself and other people in organisations that help children and adults whose circumstances have led them into the destructive short term solutions of drinking, drugs, poverty and crime. And basically I want to integrate the practical (in my case, architectural), academic and active knowledge I have received to help these people live efficiently. I would like to help acknowledge their own abilities and talents in various working areas. This will hopefully encourage them to adjust their livelihoods. I have been prompted to consider this by the education I have received here about improving communities and the younger generation.

  9. What are the best bits of studying at Brookes?
  10. I have enjoyed the courses mostly in terms of working in a space where nearly everyone knows each other which improves the atmosphere and means we as students have no hesitation asking each other for help. Furthermore, this improves social life at Brookes, having a variety of friends gives the chance to get to know versatile people.

  11. What advice do you have for others?
  12. My advice is that budgeting your money earlier than later helps a lot.

Parveer studied BA (Hons) Interior Architecture with the School of Architecture