Dr Shaun Xiaoxin Wang

Research Fellow
Research Associate - OISD:T

Teaching interests

Energy efficient design for buildings; dynamic thermal simulation of building performance; heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for buildings.

Research interests and consultancy expertise

Thermal modelling in buildings and vehicles (using either programming languages C/C++, Fortran and Visual Basic or commercial software); thermal performance of steel intensive buildings; numerical modelling of building details; thermal comfort and novel renewable energy systems for space cooling/heating and solar passive designs for buildings.

Examples of recent projects

  • New cladding solutions to produce a step change in construction - cladding products to provide improved buildings performance with lower environmental impact across the whole life cycle (DTI).
  • Use of innovative insulation in steel cladding (Corus).
  • Use of water-cooled slabs in steel-framed buildings: comparison with conventional methods of cooling (Partners in Innovation, DTI).
  • International building monitoring for IISI ‘Living Steel’ demonstration projects (Poland, India, China) (International Iron and Steel Institute).
  • Rooflight analysis and thermal modelling (UK industrial clients).

Examples of recent publications and conference papers

Wang, X., Kendrick, C., Ogden, R. and Maxted, J. (2008). Energy efficient analysis on an industrial building coated with solar reflective materials: a case study in China and Australia. The 1st International Conference on Building Energy and Environment, July 13-16, Dalian, China, pp.78-85.

Brode, P., Havenith, G. and Wang, X. (2008). Non-evaporative effects of a wet mid layer on heat transfer through protective clothing. European Journal of Applied Physiology, vol.104, no.2, pp.341-349.

Havenith, G., Rechards, M. and Wang, X. (2008). Apparent latent heat transfer of evaporation from clothing: attenuation and heat pipe effects. Journal of Applied Physiology, vol.104, no.1, pp.142-149.

Wang, X., Kendrick, C., Ogden, R. and Maxted, J. (2008). Dynamic thermal simulation of a retail shed with solar reflective coatings. Applied Thermal Engineering, vol.28, no.8-9, pp.1066-1073.

Wang, X., Walliman, N., Ogden, R. and Kendrick, C. (2007). VIPs and their applications in buildings: a review. Construction Materials, vol.160, no.4, pp.145-153.

Wang, X. (2007). An innovative thermal insulation material for building envelopes. Proceedings of International Congress of Refrigeration, Beijing, 21-26 August 2007. pp.134-135.

Wang, X. and Yuan, X. (2007). Reuse of condensed water to improve the performance of an air-cycle refrigeration system for transport applications. Applied Energy, vol.84, no.9, pp.874-881.

Havenith, G. and Wang, X. (2006). Evaporative Cooling in Protective Clothing, Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute, 3rd European Conference on Protective Clothing (ECPC), Poland, May 2006.

Havenith, G. and Wang, X. (2005). Interaction Effects of Radiation and Convection measured by a Thermal Manikin wearing Protective Clothing with Different Radiant Properties, Proceedings of ICHES, Japan, September 2005.

Wang, X. (2005). Investigation into a novel air-conditioning system using air cycle technology for transport applications. In proceedings of International Conference on Cryogenic, Refrigeration and Compressor, Xi’an, China, August 2005.

Wang, X., Guo, Y. and Shu, P. (2004). Investigation on gas-solids heat transfer in a cryogenic vibrated fluidised bed. Powder Technology, vol.139, no.1, pp.33 -39.

Wang, X., Guo, Y. and Shu, P. (2003). Numerical modelling of heat transfer between gas and solid in a vibrated fluidised bed. Applied Thermal Engineering, vol.23, no.7, pp.821 -828.

Xiaoxin Wang


School of Architecture

Oxford Brookes University
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