Prof Ray Ogden

BA(hons), Dip Arch(1st), PhD(Mech. Eng.)

Professor and Associate Dean Research and Knowledge Transfer
Director - Architectural Engineering Research Group
Director of the Tata Steel Europe Centre for the Building Envelope
Tata Steel Europe Chair of the Building Envelope

Specialisms and post-graduate research degrees supervision interests

  • Sustainable design and building physics
  • Offsite and modern construction
  • Building envelope and environmental systems
  • Structural design and development

Ray Ogden has supervised 7 PhD and 4 MPhil students to successful completion. He is currently supervising 8 PhD students and is a regular examiner of research degrees.

Years of relevant post qualification experience: 25


Professor Ogden studied architecture (RIBA parts 1 and 2) and a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Bath

As Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange in the Faculty of Technology Design and Environment he is responsible for all of the research portfolios in the areas of Built Environment (Architecure, Planning, Real Estate and Construction), Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Computing and Arts.

He has worked for Arup Associates and the Ove Arup Partnership, and joined Oxford Brookes University in 1990. He is a former deputy head of the School of Architecture. Whilst at Oxford Brookes he has built an internationally recognised ‘Architectural Engineering’ research group specialising in building physics and construction. The group is notable for working on a ‘close to industry basis’ with a wide range of clients. It is one of Tata Steel Europe’s key strategic research partners. On behalf of the business, the group hosts the Tata Steel Europe Centre for the Building Envelope.

Prof Ogden has written and contributed to numerous books (>15) in the areas of building construction, building physics, structural design and offsite, and has been responsible for a wide portfolio of commercial, government, research council, EU and International research projects. His research cluster typically has a standing project portfolio of circa £1 million with current projects in the UK, and broadly across Europe.

He has been responsible for a wide range of research and live demonstration projects. Recent activities have included:

  • Development of light steel modular building systems.
  • Development of modular and offsite systems.
  • Design of novel thin high performance cladding systems including vacuum technology.
  • Provision of design guidance for low energy industrial, commercial and retail buildings,
  • Large EU projects in the areas of low energy design.

Selected Journals

  • Profiled Sandwich Panels With Deep Foam Cores in Flexture. Proceedings of the Institute of Civil Engineers: Construction Materials. Heywood, M; Ogden, R; Moutaftsis, D.
  • A Case Study on Energy Consumption and Overheating for a UK Industrial Building with Rooflights. Applied Energy, 2013, Vol. 104, pp 337-344. Wang, X; Kendrick, C; Ogden, R; Walliman, N; Baiche, B.
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Selected Books

  • Modular Construction: Lawson M, Ogden R, Goodyear, C Taylor and Francis, 2014
  • Steel in Multi-Storey Residential Buildings. Authors: Lawson M, Ogden R, Lusby-Taylor P. Steel Construction Institute, 2004.
  • Structural Glazing. (Interface Series vol. 4) Editor: Ogden R, Otlet M, Ryan P. Steel Construction Institute, 1998.
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  • Curtain Wall Connections to Steel Frames. (Interface Series vol. 1) Ogden R. Steel Construction Institute, 1992.
Ray Ogden


School of Architecture

Oxford Brookes University
Headington Campus
Gipsy Lane
Oxford, OX3 0BP