Nina Shen-Poblete

B.Arch (Mackintosh School of Architecture)
M.Arch Distinction (University of Westminster)

Associate Lecturer

Teaching interests

Design in Art and Architecture

Research interests

My design interest lies in the semantics of images, words and material processes, mediated by narrative techniques that draw influences from art to literature.

The emphasis on process lies at the heart of my work. My on-going research utilises material theory and the philosophy of technical objects to investigate process as an end in itself, shaped by cultural and social forces. This mode of observing and understanding the everyday surroundings stemmed from my attempt to establish a cultural history of concrete formwork in Britain, from where I have built up a keen interest in phenomena, objects, or spaces that are often over-looked, transient or seen as a means to an end, but are in fact heavily informed by culture, and shaped by forces that are invisible and immaterial.

Aside from being an architectural designer at Studio Weave, I am also the founder of BlackGrout, an independent ‘live’ publication that constructs site-specific conversations to produce and disseminate ideas, to raise questions to our current culture, education and practice.

Selected Publications, ‘Live’ Publications and Conferences

Forthcoming Publication

Shen-Poblete, N. (2013), Formwork, and Image Dilemma, MADE journal, Cardiff University, 2013

Published Work

Shen-Poblete, N. (2012), Does a Column Have to be Square, A review on the Second International Conference on Flexible Formwork, Bath, The Journal of Modern Craft 2012,

Shen-Poblete, N. (June 2012), Conceptualising Concrete Formwork / Formwork, an Image Dilemma / Formwork and the production of a Temporary Society, PAPER – Platform for Architectural Projects, Essays and Research, Student publication, University of Westminster (2012)

Forthcoming Talks

Shen-Poblete, N. (2013), Considering the Performance of Space, Architecture and the City, in discussion with Kimberley Chandler and Luke Burton, Onion Discussions: ‘Performance’, organised by Jack Tan, The Departure Foundation, London (4 December 2013)

‘Live’ Publication

BlackGrout Series 03 – Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade is a series of conversations exploring the state of architectural education today, the values, skills and benefits it affords graduates and what alternative paths there are to follow. The events are organised in collaboration with the Architecture Foundation, to coincide with the exhibition, Future in the Making.

Part I - Translating Crafts: A panel discussion with Robert Mull, Harry Parr, Daisy Froud, Paloma Strelitz and Olly Wainwright, chaired by Jack Self, The Architecture Foundation, London (31 Oct 2013)

Part II - What’s Missing from Architectural Education, A panel discussion with Timothy Ivison, Harriet Harriss and Tom Keeley, chaired by Stephanie Farmer, ADA school space, London (5 Nov 2013)

BlackGrout Series 02 - Exhibitionism, the Culture of Showing in Architecture

Part I - Degree Shows: Who is it For? A panel discussion with Sean Griffiths, Shumi Bose, Adam Hiles, and Richard Wentworth, Chaired by Nina Shen-Poblete, BA Architecture: Spaces and Objects degree exhibition, Central St Martins, University of the Arts, London (19 June 2013)

Part II - Cultural Spectacles, Show in Scale: A discussion with Richard Wentworth, Shumi Bose, and Nina Shen-Poblete, MA Architecture degree exhibition, Royal College of Art, London (26 June 2013)

BlackGrout Series 01 - Limitations

The Limitations of Architectural Fanzines, A panel discussion with Mark Prizeman, Jack Self, Matthew Butcher and David Garcia, chaired by Nina Shen-Poblete, University of Westminster (24 January 2013)

Limitations of the New World, An interview with Cristian Valenzuila Pinto, founder of Sin Titulo, Chile (January 2013)

Other conferences

Shen-Poblete, N. (2013), What Came First, Practice or Architecture, panel discussion with Maria Smith, Phil Coffey, Simon Allford, Chaired by Paul Finch, AA Night School events series organised by Simon Allford /AHMM exploring how supposedly prosaic issues including contracts, office structure, working methods, management and job running construct the role of the architect and the kind of architecture produced. The Architecture Association, London (May 2013)

Nina Shen-Poblete


School of Architecture

Oxford Brookes University
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