Dr Nicholas Walliman

Senior Lecturer
Senior Researcher OISD


My university teaching and examining experience has been mostly at postgraduate level, concentrating chiefly on the design, construction and performance of buildings. I relate these closely to the other aspects of architectural design, such as social, cultural, historic, and aesthetic, and regard these aspects to be intricately enmeshed with the technical issues of design.

I am Module Leader for Masters Course ‘Research Methods and Design’ teaching students from Development and Emergency Practice MA/ PGDip/ PGCert, / PGDip - Architecture; Advanced Architectural Design, MArch / PGDip / PGCert; Sustainable Building: Performance and Design MSc /PGDip; International Architectural Regeneration and Development MA/ PGDip/ PGCert.

I was appointed in 2015 as Lead Advisor to international team of authors for development of Epigeum (Spin-off company of Imperial College, London) online course entitled ‘Research and Writing Skills for Dissertations and Projects’, providing a strategic vision for the project, settling questions of approach, coverage, level etc, and resolving any problems and questions that arise during the writing/editing process that go beyond the abilities of the editorial team.

I am currently supervising as Director of Studies 3 students in their PhD research. I have supervised to successful completion 16 PhDs and 2 MPhils, and examined 10 PhDs.

Research and consultancy

As Senior Researcher, Oxford Institute of Sustainable Development – Architectural Engineering Group, my research has been mainly based on the technology and physics of building construction - innovative, existing and historic, sometimes within a social context as in vernacular architecture. My published papers and reports are read internationally and have been presented at conferences in many parts of Europe.

I have taken part in the University mentoring scheme, currently mentoring one member of staff regarding the development of her research activities. Previously mentored two members of staff and provided informal advice at numerous times to staff members about their actual or intended research, as well as guidance and lecture material to member of staff in Social Sciences who was responsible for setting up a Masters level research methods course. I am presently helping to devise a new research methods course for Doctoral students with the Faculty.

I have also been selected by publisher Wiley-Blackwell, Routledge, Taylor and Francis, Sage Publications and Laurence King Publishing, as expert reviewer of book proposals. I have acted as co-editor and expert reviewer of papers submitted to the refereed journals: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, International Journal of Construction and Building Materials, Jounal of Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences.

Academic interests

  • Architecture theory
  • Technology
  • History
  • Research methods
  • Sustainable design

Selected publications

Recent books

  • Your Dissertation in Education. Co-authored with Scott Buckler. Sage, 2008, second edition 2016.
  • Social Research Methods: The Essentials. London: Sage, 2016.
  • Your Undergraduate Dissertation: The Essential Guide for Success. London: Sage, 2004, second edition 2013.
  • Your Research Project: Designing and Planning Your Work. London: Sage, 2011, second edition 2005, third edition 2011, Chinese translated version Chongqing University Press, 2013. Korean version 2016.
  • Self-build housing. House construction methods. Two chapters in International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, Editor-in-Chief:Susan Smith. Elsevier, 2012.
  • The effectiveness of flood proofing vulnerable hotspots to improve urban flood resilience. M Escarameia, N Walliman. Chapter in Comprehensive Flood Risk Management: Research for Policy and Practice (2012) Florida, USA, CRC Press, edited by Frans Klijn, Timo Schweckendiek
  • Research Methods – the Basics. Routledge, 2010. Translated into Portuguese 2016. New edition in preparation.

Recent refereed publications

  • Earth construction between tradition and modernity: Case studies from Algeria. Baiche, B., Osmani, M., Walliman, N., Ogden R. Construction Materials – Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Accepted for publication.
  • Methods of assessing flood resilience of critical buildings. M. Escarameia, N. Walliman, C. Zevenbergen, R. de Graaf. Water Management - Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Vol 169, Issue 2, 2016, 57-64.
  • Defining criteria for intervention in earthen-built heritage conservation. Correia, M., Walliman, N. International Journal of Architectural Heritage. Vol 8, No 4, 2014, 581-601.
  • Estimation of repair costs of individual non-domestic buildings damaged by floods. Walliman, N., Baiche, B., Ogden, R., Tagg, A., Escarameia, M. International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering. Vol. 3, No 4, 2013, 289-305.
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  • Development Of A Tool To Estimate Individual Building Vulnerability To Floods. Walliman, N., Ogden, R., Baiche, B., Tagg, A., Escarameia, M. Sustainable City VII (2 Volume Set). 2012.
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Dr Nicholas Walliman


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