Magdalini Makrodimitri

Research Associate

Magdalini Makrodimitri is a Research Associate in Carbon Counting based in the Low Carbon Building Group of the Oxford Institute of Sustainable Development at the School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University. Magdalini is currently working with Professor Rajat Gupta on UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board funded projects related to in-use building performance evaluation studies of sustainable domestic and non-domestic buildings across the UK.

Magdalini Makrodimitri is also pursuing an EPSRC funded PhD in Performance evaluation of historic structures from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Architecture. Her project is entitled “Sustainability and Heritage conservation. Environmental Performance of Historic Buildings in the UK. The case of Historic Churches.” Magdalini gained an MSc degree in Environmental Design and Engineering from University College London in 2009.

Magdalini’s background as Architect Engineer, along with her postgraduate studies in Environmental Design and Engineering, research and work experience to date have equipped her with considerable experience in monitoring of environmental performance of buildings, the economic and environmental issues involved with maximizing energy efficiency and extensive knowledge of energy and environmental matters.

Research Interests

Sustainability in the built environment, Heritage conservation, Low carbon building, Monitoring, Modelling and Energy management of buildings.

Teaching Interests

Building Performance Evaluation, Environmental Performance of existing housing stock, Thermal Comfort, Heating of historic structures: balancing the energy consumption, conservation and human factor.


Book Chapters

Makrodimitri, M., Campbell, J.W.P., Steemers, K., 2011. Sustainability and Heritage Conservation. Assessment of Environmental performance and Energy Management for English Churches. In: M'Sirdi, N., Namaane, A., Howlett, R.J., Jain, L.C., eds., Sustainability in Energy and Buildings. Berlin: Springer Publishing. SIST 12 (6) pp.353-364


Makrodimitri, M., 2010. Energy Efficient refurbishment of Old Listed Buildings: The case of Victorian Housing stock. Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development, 3 (1): pp. 33-59

Selected Conference Proceedings & Workshops

Makrodimitri, M., 2012. Heritage conservation and environmentally sustainable performance of historic structures. Upgrade of heating in listed church buildings. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development – Heritage 2012

Makrodimitri, M., 2012. Surveying Historic Buildings. Valuing Sustainability in Places of Worship. Proceedings of PLEA 2012 – 28th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, 2012 Lima, Peru.

Makrodimitri, M., Campbell, J. W. P., Steemers, K., 2011. Sustainability and Heritage conservation. Assessment of Environmental Performance and Thermal comfort conditions of historic churches. In: Bodart, M. & Evrard, A., eds. Architecture & Sustainable Development. PLEA 2011 - 27th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, 2011 Louvain-la-Nueve, Belgium. Presses Universitaires de Louvain, Vol. 1, 757-764.

Makrodimitri, M., Papavasileiou, S., Campbell, J.W.P., Steemers, K., 2011. Heating historic structures. A review of heating systems in historic church buildings and implications related to conservation and comfort. The case of four historic churches in Cambridge. Proceedings of Energy Management in Cultural Heritage conference – EM in Cultural Heritage 2011

Makrodimitri, M., Campbell, J.W.P., Steemers, K., 2011. Sustainability in the historic built environment. Should we seal historic structures or let them breath? Upgrade of environmental performance of listed structures. Proceedings of international scientific conference CISBAT 11

Makrodimitri, M., Ridley, I., 2010. Energy efficient refurbishment of existing housing stock. The Victorian housing stock in the UK (100 - C), Online Proceedings of Social International Conference on Sustainability and Affordable Housing - CHIS 2010

Makrodimitri, M., 2010. Sustainability issues and heritage conservation. Improvement of environmental performance of historical buildings. Energy management for English churches (122 - C), Online Proceedings of Social International Conference on Sustainability and Affordable Housing

Magdalini Makrodimitri


School of Architecture

Oxford Brookes University
Headington Campus
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