Harriet Harriss


Principal Lecturer Student Experience
Subject coordinator MArchD Applied Architectural Design


Harriet Harriss is a Principal Lecturer in Architecture at Oxford Brookes University and subject coordinator for the MArchD in Applied Architectural Design. Her doctoral research concerns how architecture 'live projects' enable aspiring architects to manage emergent ambiguities in risk exposure & decision-making: a thesis she has been testing through a range of live project initiatives & collaborations situated in both the UK and USA. These have been recognised for excellence in teaching by a Brookes Teaching Fellowship (2010-12), a Winston Churchill Fellowship (2011) a Higher Education Academy Internationalisation Fellowship (2012) and most recently two Santander Awards. Previously, in 2004 Harriet won a public funding commission (NESTA) to establish & co-direct Design Heroine Architecture (DHA); a niche practice that focused on public participation in architecture and co-created both innovative and responsive spatial projects and design research publications. DHA also specialised in developing 'participation prototypes,' for a diverse range of public and private sector clients.

In 2007, Harriet was awarded a British Academy Rome Scholarship enabling her to pursue a research interest in the Baroque theatre of an abandoned abattoir and establishing her trajectory into academia.

Since joining Oxford Brookes, Harriet has successfully developed a diverse range of teaching and research activities and outputs. These include establishing interdisciplinary collaborations with the MBA program, blending 'design thinking' and commercial tenacity in the same learning space - a project which helped secure HEIF funding to develop an MArchD Architecture graduate business incubator, launching later this year. Harriet also set up and ran Architecture Live Projects International Symposium 2012 an international live project Summer school with Montana State University. As well as teaching design, architectural history, theory and representation, her other areas of interest include film and animation, the history of British social housing, the growth of 17th Century London estates, participatory design methods, the power stations of London repurposing of post-industrial space and the future of architectural education. In January 2013, Harriet was selected as one of just 60 women nationally for the BBC Expert Women database project. The initiative aims to boost the number of female experts having a voice in the media. Her forthcoming book, ‘Radical Pedagogies; Architecture & the British Tradition’ (RIBA Publishing) is due for publication in Spring 2015 and is available for pre-order.

Consultancy / Expertise

  • RIBA Chartered and ARB Registered architect
  • External Examiner ​ Leeds Metropolitan School of Architecture (2013-), Arts University Bournemouth. ​
  • Brookes Teaching Fellow
  • ​Royal Academy Fellow
  • ​Higher Education Academy Fellow
  • ​Royal Society of the Arts Fellow

Selected publications, public presentations and conference papers

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