Staff directory

This directory lists the key contacts for the School, followed by all staff in alphabetical order. Clicking on the name or photograph of any staff member will take you to a detailed page of information which includes a profile, contact details, and the publications and teaching interests of academic staff.

Key contacts in the School

Gaskin, Matt
Gaskin, Matt
Head of Architecture

Academic and support staff of the School listed alphabetically.

Anderson, Jane Anderson, Jane Principal Lecturer
Programme Lead for Undergraduate Architecture and Year One Coordinator
Akerkar, Supriya Akerkar, Supriya Senior Lecturer
Development and Emergency Practice (DEP) Subject Coordinator
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

Ricardo Assis Rosa Assis Rosa, Ricardo Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Interior Architecture
Architectural Design and Technology
PhD by Design Researcher
Ayre, Lynda Ayre, Lynda Programme Administrator
BA (Hons) Architecture and Office Based Examinations
Baker, Philip Baker, Philip Research Assistant
Place Culture and Identity Research Group
Boylan, Colin Boylan, Colin Associate Lecturer
Brun, Cathrine Brun, Cathrine Director of Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP)
Burnell, Jeni Burnell, Jeni Research Assistant
Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP)
Carver, Richard Carver, Richard Senior Lecturer
Research Associate
Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP)
Justin Chapman Chapman, Justin Associate Lecturer
Chappell, Joël Chappell, Joël Associate Lecturer, Workshop Manager
Cheadle, Jane Cheadle, Jane Associate Lecturer
Chouchoulas, Orestes Chouchoulas, Orestes Associate Lecturer
Cuenca, Ruth Cuenca, Ruth Associate Lecturer
Darby Charles Darby, Charles Associate Lecturer
Dawson, Andrew Dawson, Andrew Associate Lecturer
Design Tutor
Denia, Vilieghe Denia, Vilieghe Associate Lecturer
No image available Fisher, Simon Associate Lecturer
Flinn, Bill Flinn, Bill Research Associate
Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP)
Gerada, Cristina Gerada, Cristina Associate Lecturer
No image available Garibaldo, Bortolo Associate Lecturer
Gaskin, Matt Gaskin, Matt Head of Architecture
Cultural Context Subject Leader for Office Based Examination Programme
Giddy, Rekha Giddy, Rekha Programme Administrator
Glass, Andy Glass, Andy Technical Services Manager
Godiksen, Christina Godiksen, Christina Senior Lecturer
Year 2 and Year 3 coordinator and architectural design module leader
Undergraduate Admissions lead coordinator
Nasser Golzari Golzari, Nasser Associate Lecturer
Goodey, Brian Goodey, Brian Associate Lecturer
Goodliffe, Phil Goodliffe, Phil Associate Lecturer
Gregg, Matt Gregg, Matt Research Fellow
Architecture and Climate Change - Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development: Low Carbon Building Group
Gunther, Marcelo Gunther, Marcelo IT Reporgraphics Technician
Gupta, Rajat Gupta, Rajat Professor in Architecture and Climate Change, Director of Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development
Sustainable Building: Performance and Design Tutor
Co-Director of Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development: Low Carbon Building Group
Hamdi, Nabeel Hamdi, Nabeel Teaching Associate
Emeritus Professor of Housing and Urban Development
Hancock, Mary Hancock, Mary Senior Lecturer in Environmental Design
Research Associate - OISD:LCB
Hardy, Nick Hardy, Nick Associate Lecturer
Hatherell, Angela Hatherell, Angela Research Associate
Place, Culture and Identity Group
Hay, Ilona Hay, Ilona Lecturer
Hinton, Katie Hinton, Katie Executive Office Administrator
PA to Matt Gaskin
Holmes, Andrew Holmes, Andrew Senior Lecturer
Module Leader
Houmøller, Robert Houmøller, Robert Associate Lecturer
Year 1 Tutor
Lecturer in Representation
Hughes, Sam Hughes, Sam Programme Manager, RIBA Studio
Humphreys, Mike Humphreys, Mike Associate Lecturer
Emeritus Professor of Architecture
Hybschmann, Johan Hybschmann, Johan Associate Lecturer
Unit E Design Tutor
Jenks, Mike Jenks, Mike Emeritus Professor
Founder Director of Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development
Kendrick, Chris Kendrick, Chris Teaching Assistant
Research Associate
Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development: Architectural Technology Group
Kessler, Maita Kessler, Maita Senior Lecturer
Kinnear, Melissa Kinnear, Melissa Associate Lecturer
Design Tutor for Unit D
Kjelstrup-Johnson, Karl Rosenvinge Kjelstrup-Johnson, Karl Rosenvinge MArchD Design Tutor
Maria Knutsson-Hall Knutsson-Hall, Maria Undergraduate Design Tutor Unit C
Andreas Körner Andreas Körner Associate Lecturer
MacLellan, Ronnie MacLellan, Ronnie Senior Lecturer
Programme Director RIBA Part 1 and Part 2 Examination in Architecture for Office-based Candidates
McEwen, Hugh McEwen, Hugh Associate lecturer
McGough, Nick McGough, Nick MArchD​ Design Studio Tutor
Mikellides, Byron Mikellides, Byron Emeritus Professor
Molloy, Declan Molloy, Declan Associate Lecturer
Molloy, Theo Molloy, Theo Associate Lecturer
Nash, Clare Nash, Clare Associate Lecturer
Technology Tutor to Part 1 students
Examiner for the RIBA Office Based Exam
Newton, Peter Associate Lecturer
Nicol, Fergus Nicol, Fergus Emeritus Professor
Ogden, Ray Ogden, Ray Associate Dean Research and Knowledge Transfer
Orbasli, Aylin Orbasli, Aylin Reader in Architectural Regeneration
Parrack, Charles Parrack, Charles Senior Lecturer
Subject Coordinator: Shelter after Disaster, Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP)
Piquard, Brigitte Piquard, Brigitte Reader
Placidi, Andrea Placidi, Andrea Senior Lecturer
BA Interior Architecture Programme Leader
Prasad, Sunand Prasad, Sunand Visiting Professor
Proto, Francesco Proto, Francesco Senior Lecturer
Robinson, Jim Robinson, Jim Senior Research Fellow
Rose-Casemore, Richard Rose-Casemore, Richard Associate Lecturer
Sadeghi Movahed, Hossein Sadeghi Movahed, Hossein Senior Lecturer
Subject Co-Ordinator for Sustainable Building: Performance and Design
Samangooei, Mina Samangooei, Mina Associate Lecturer
Sanderson, David Sanderson, David Associate Lecturer
Development and Emergency Practice Tutor
Sarfatti, Orit Sarfatti, Orit Lecturer in Architecture
Design Unit Leader in Interior Architecture Year 2
Interior Architecture Alumni Coordinator
Sassi, Paola Sassi, Paola Programme Leader
Senior Lecturer
Saull, Ralph Saull, Ralph Associate Lecturer
Shaikh, Sanaa Shaikh, Sanaa Associate Lecturer
Shen-Poblete, Nina Shen-Poblete, Nina Associate Lecturer
Toby Shew Shew, Toby Senior Lecturer
Digital Communication Subject Leader
BA/ Dip Design Tutor
MArchD Design Module Leader
Smith, Colin Adrian Smith, Colin Adrian Associate Lecturer
Smith, Toby Smith, Toby Associate Lecturer
Stewart, Catrina Stewart, Catrina Associate Lecturer
Tindale, Caroline Tindale, Caroline Programme Administrator
Troiani, Igea Troiani, Igea Senior Lecturer
Cultural Context Teaching, BA Design Studio Research and Publications
MArchD Design Tutor
Vellinga, Marcel Vellinga, Marcel Reader in Anthropology of Architecture
Research Lead, School of Architecture
Director, Place, Culture and Identity Research Group
Viksne, Maija Viksne, Maija Design tutor
Walliman, Nicholas Walliman, Nicholas Senior Lecturer
Senior Researcher - Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development: Architectural Technology Group
Wark, Barry Wark, Barry Associate Lecturer
Wates, Jack Wates, Jack Associate Lecturer
BA Design Tutor Unit E
Wedel, Julia Wedel, Julia Senior Lecturer
Welbourne, David Welbourne, David Associate Lecturer
Whitehouse, Nicholas Whitehouse, Nicholas Senior Research Fellow
Wingfield, Elliott Wingfield, Elliott Associate Lecturer
Zamanpour, Pouya Zampanour, Pouya Associate Lecturer