Brookes Interdisciplinary Research Group: Singular Strategies Research Group

The research group interpolates all possible disciplines and practices in the most unexpected and idea-generating processes - with particular emphasis on architecture, psychoanalysis, visual culture, media studies, music, critical theory, philosophy and urban design, as well as inter-departmental, interdisciplinary and cross-university research collisions – in order to comply with the increasing awareness that in a society as ubiquitous as the one we are currently living in, nothing is to be found where it is expected to be. The aim of the group is in this respect to both develop ‘oblique’ strategies for grasping the new configurations affecting reality as well as to allow research to emerge as a medium to transmit, translate and transcribe culture via an innovative viewpoint upon it.

In a society where the categories of knowledge incessantly merge into one another, fields of enquiry and disciplinary sub-divisions become more and more indistinguishable as distinct phenomena. The issue thus arises of the impasse experienced by research when confronting phenomena that are increasingly indescribable or unintelligible. Therefore, aims of the group are:

  • To develop ‘oblique’ strategies (for example, through cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary research) to cut through the stratification and unpredictability of contemporary reality and not only enhance understanding, but also oppose the hyper-commodification of culture and develop an approach to research that is unique and ambitiously constructed.
  • To allow research to emerge as a medium to transmit, translate and transcribe culture via an innovative viewpoint upon reality that also foregrounds the complex and rapid transformations affecting our ever-changing society.


While in astrophysics a singularity refers to a point or situation of absolute uncertainty where all laws collapse and where, as a consequence, anything can emerge, so in contemporary philosophy the term connotes something that has no equivalent because it is uncertain, unpredictable, and incalculable. Singular strategies become in this regard all those research methodological approaches and outcomes that are for this very reason radical, original and unique.

Group aims in detail

  • Attracting and diversify incomes
  • Expanding research capacity and performance in the Schools and Colleges through mentoring ECRs
  • Engaging in cross-disciplinary research that creates recognized local, national and international impacts
  • Promoting transformational changes at local, national and international level
  • Transferring knowledge from one field to another
  • Recruiting PGR students
  • Contributing to new knowledge which has benefits for the professions and the wider community
  • Establishing a clearer focus on the strengths of the University’s researchers
  • Pursuing PhD scholarship opportunities to promote postgraduate research
  • Developing interdisciplinary research collaborations
  • Supporting the research mentoring process
  • Investing in and supporting impact generation
  • Disseminating research findings through appropriate recognised media

Ongoing projects

  • The Rule and the Model: Music and Architecture
  • Under the auspices of the University’s mentoring scheme, Dr Francesco Proto and Prof Paul Witty are currently collaborating for a project on Music and Architecture

  • Cancer Research Scheme
  • Dr Francesco Proto, Dr Faye Mitchell and Dr Sanjay Kumar are currently taking part into the university’s Cancer Research Scheme.

Brookes Interdisciplinary Research Group: Singular Strategies Research Group


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