Iliana C Miranda Zacarias

BArch MArch


In 2007 Iliana was awarded a PhD studentship by Mexican government and joined Oxford Brookes School of Architecture. Her research project is entitled Mexican Educational Architecture: Assessing Standard School Buildings, it combines historical research and fieldwork and its main aim is to provide an up to date evaluation of the standardised school buildings currently used for public primary schools. It considers best practices in school design, current educational policy and users' appreciation of different types of school buildings in a number of case-studies.

Iliana is in the fourth year of her PhD and is expected to complete it by the end of 2011. She has presented her research progress in the 7th Symposium of Mexican Students and Studies (University of Cambridge, July 2009) and in the 5th Annual Research Students Symposium of AHRA (De Montfort University, Leicester, December 2008).

Originally from Mexico, where she studied architecture and began her academic career, she completed a Masters Degree at Barcelona School of Architecture in 2001. From 2002 to 2007 she worked as a lecturer and as a consultant for some Mexican government agencies. Her personal research interests include educational architecture and history and theory of architecture of the 20th century. She has presented her research at various conferences and published a number of articles in these topics.

In 2008 she collaborated in the book Documenting to Preserve: the Architecture of the Modern Movement in Mexico (San Martin, I. (comp.) (2008). Documentar para Preservar: La Arquitectura del Movimiento Moderno en México. Mexico: UNAM). She has been a member of DOCOMOMO - Mexico: International working party for the Documentation and Conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement since 2006. Iliana plans to take an academic position in the UK or elsewhere and become involved in research consultancy.

Iliana C Miranda Zacarias

PhD Thesis title: Mexican Educational Architecture: Assessing Standard School Buildings