Célia Macedo

DipArch, MSc Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building

Celia has been awarded her PhD in 2017.


Célia graduated from Oxford Brookes University with an MSc in Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building in 2009, achieving an overall Merit and a distinction in her dissertation with the title Thermal performance of contemporary earth architecture in Portugal. In the same year Celia initiated a PhD in Architecture with the research project: The use of earthen construction for sustainable dwellings in Angola. Her supervisor is Prof David Sanderson. This project was awarded an Individual Doctoral Grant from FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia) – Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal.

Célia studied architecture as her first degree in Universidade Lusíada of Lisbon, Portugal, and her previous professional experience includes working as assistant architect and architect in several architectural practices, both in Portugal and the United Kingdom. She is a registered architect with Ordem dos Arquitectos (Portuguese Order of Architects).

Currently Célia's research interests are mainly related to earthen construction and other natural building materials, sustainability and appropriateness of building materials and technologies, particularly in the context of African developing countries. She has presented her research in seminars at Oxford Brookes University but also at the 6th Seminar of Earthen Architecture in Portugal, 9th Iberian-American Seminar of Earthen Architecture and Construction, which took place in Portugal in February 2009.

Célia Macedo

Célia studied MSc in Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building with the School of Architecture.
PhD: A ‘Dream-House’ For Luanda’s Low Income Population: Analysing Perceptions, Aspirations and Reality through a Participatory Post-Occupancy Assessment (PPOA) Framework