Invest in Innovative Refurb: Oldbury House


Invest in Innovative Refurb: Oldbury House

Oldbury House, a Grade II listed building used as offices and laboratories for the University of Bristol has been identified as suitable demonstrator building for this project.


There are many historic buildings being used around the UK for non-domestic functions. Of these large quantities are owned by local government/authorities and education establishments. These historic structures are often very inefficient in terms of energy use. Listed structures are among the most challenging buildings to retrofit due to stringent planning restrictions.

The proposed innovation focuses around the installation of an innovative glazing solution to optimise what is often the worst performing thermal element in historic structures. This will be combined with a number of ventilation solutions and will then be monitored over an year to understand which combination offers the most appropriate solution to deliver the aims.


PHASE 1 will involve monitoring of building level gas and electricity consumption, internal temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and energy waste through open windows etc. to help fine tune the building and evaluate the impact of the proposed new technology. Active engagement with the occupant’s thorough user interviews and feedback is essential in both Phases to guide the design changes and evaluate the overall impact of the technology. The hand over process after implementation will be guided by the OBU team using the Soft Landings process. This phase will also involve dynamic computer modelling of the proposed glazing system.

PHASE 2 monitoring will track the impact of the new technology, highlight any fine- tuning issues and detect any detrimental impacts on the historic building. The overall objective of the monitoring in Phase 2 will be to improve and optimise energy performance by reducing the gap between the designed and actual performance, using feedback from assessment of energy consumption, demand profiles, in-use monitoring of the thermal environment, and occupant satisfaction.


As this is an on-going project, publically available information is limited.



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