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Tonia Carless Senior Lecturer in Architecture
BA(Hons) Dip Arch
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Biography: Dr Tonia Carless is a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture and Associate Lecturer at The University of the West of England. She completed a practice based, architecture, design, and drawing Phd at The University of The West of England, in 2004. At Oxford Brookes School of Architecture she is module leader for BA (Hons) Dissertation and teaches MArchD Research Led Design. She has taught Architecture and Design at Bath University, Westminster University, South Bank University, Birmingham University, Manchester Metropolitan University and Liverpool University Schools of Architecture, as well as MA Cultural Studies, MA Landscape Studies and MA Fine Art in Context at The University of The West Of England.

Practice: Practice includes architecture, design, drawing, painting and art, with a central concern to practice architecture as a communication medium and discursive drawing. Current research includes a performative painting exhibition/archive/workshop, The Amateur Painters Observations of the Social Life of architecture and landscape, a collaborative project in conjunction with The Bristol Art Library at The Old Shoe Factory, Clifton, Bristol. 2014- 2016.

Research interests: Public space and everyday life, the production of public space and utopia, panoramas and their contemporary representational relationship with digital technology. Research through design, drawing and practice. Drawing as discourse. Interdisciplinary Architectural Design. Painting and collage as critical architectural representation. Anarchitecture. Design research as cultural negotiation, current research project: ‘Just painting’ an interdisciplinary, collaborative practice combining architecture, painting, performance and archive.


Selected Works:

A selection of some of my most interesting outputs are below:

Book chapters

  • ‘Just Painting. Performative Painting as Visual Discourse’ Edited book chapter for Visual Methodologies for Architectural Research, by Igea Troiani and Suzanne Ewing, pending in 2016 Intellect Publication, Bristol
  • ‘An Architectural Gleaning’ Edited book chapter for Reinventing Architecture and Interiors - the past, the present and the future, by Graham Cairns, 2013 Libri Publication, London ISBN 978-1- 9007471-64- 3 pp.157-175


  • ‘in-between’ Architectural Drawing as Interdisciplinary Spatial Discourse’ Joint paper with Igea Troiani The Journal of Architecture, Volume: 20, Issue: 02, pages 268 - 292. On line publication 8 April 2015 ISBN10.1080/13602365.2015.1027720
  • ‘Architectural Design Research through Cinematic Collage’ Joint paper with Igea Troiani. Lusofona Journal of Architecture and Education, North America Oct. 2014. Available at: http://revistas.ulusofona.pt/index.php/revlae/article/view/4810 Date accessed: 27 May.
  • 2015. ARbdD Fourth International Conference on Architectural Research by Design. Department of Architecture ULMT Lisbon Portugal ISBN 11/2014 ISSN: 1646-6756
  • ‘Producing Space, the Confrontation between Abstract Space and Everyday Life.’ Architecture Research Quarterly ARQ volume 17, No2, 2013. pp. 139-147.
  • ‘A New Visibility: The Productive Space of Drawing’ in Spaces and Flows:: An International Journal of Urban and Extra Urban Studies, Volume 1, issue 1 Common Ground Publishing, USA, 2011, ISSN: 2152-7857. Associate Editor Volume 1, Issue 2.
  • ‘Reclaiming Public Space: A Critical Architecture.' in Occupation: Negotiations with Constructed Space. The University of Brighton Publication and CD, 2010, ISBN: 978-1- 905593-73- 6 978-1- 905593-74- 3


Discursive Drawings

Just painting workshop 2014-16

Collage workshop 2014

Research leadership

Review panel member for Architecture and Culture Journal ‘Industries of Architecture:
Relations Process Production’ issue, November 2015
Review panel member for Architecture and Culture Journal ‘Film and Architecture’ issue 2014
http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/journal/architecture-and- culture/

CUSP Creative Urban Space Projects, a Bristol based network of planners, architects, academics, artists and researchers, which explores the nature of social space and helps to develop culturally rich and sustainable forms of urban life 1999-present.

Founder member of the collaborative research group and Just Painting Archive at The Bristol Art Library 2014-present.

Refereed conference papers

Performative Painting
Structures of Feeling
Symposium and writing Salon
Royal College of Art School of Architecture
15 May 2015

Visual Discourse and Spatial Extension
Visual Methodologies in Architecture Session
All Ireland Architecture Research Group AIARG Conference
University of Dublin School of Architecture
29-31 January 2015

Archive and Erase. Collage as Constructive reading
Collage salon and paper
Plenitude and Emptiness Symposium on Architectural Research By Design
The University of Edinburgh School of Architecture
4-6 September 2013

The Migrant and The City Beautiful
Paper accepted for 4th Global Conference of Inter-disciplinary.Net
Strangers, Aliens and Foreigners
Mansfield College Oxford
21-23 September 2012

Drawing as discourse: Home and Island analysis of two sets of architectural research drawings
Joint paper with Igea Troiani at the Drawing Research Network DRN Conference
Loughborough University Schools of Arts and Design
10-11 September 2012

Open School: A Creative Approach to Pedagogy
Architecture Live projects Pedagogy, An International Symposium
Oxford Brookes School of Architecture
24-25 May 2012

An Architectural Gleaning
‘Reinventing Architecture and Interiors: the past, the present and the future’
Interior Educators and Ravensbourne London
29-30 March 2012

Producing Space: The Confrontation between Abstract Space and Everyday Life
The Welsh School of Architecture
Cardiff University, Wales
6–8 July 2011

Socially Permeable Space
Poster Presentation
‘Open Space People Space Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors
A conference on research into inclusive outdoor environments for all.’
Edinburgh University School of Art
27–29 June 2011

Temporary Spatial Practices
‘Fixed? Architecture, Incompleteness and Change’
School of Architecture, Design and Environment
University of Plymouth
6-8 April 2011

A New Visibility: The Productive Space of Drawing
Virtual Presentation
‘Spaces and Flows’: An International Conference on Urban and Extra Urban Studies
University of California Los Angeles, USA
4–5 December 2010

Reclaiming Public Space: A Critical Architecture
‘Occupation: Negotiations with Constructed Space’
School of Architecture and Design
University of Brighton
2–4 July 2009

Reclaiming Public Space: A Critical Architecture
‘Occupation: Negotiations with Constructed Space’
School of Architecture and Design
University of Brighton
2–4 July 2009

Play as Protest: Reclaiming Children's Space in Practice
Joint paper with Michelle Henning
‘Childhood in the City: The Royal Geographical Society Annual conference’
University of Northampton
17 August 2006