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Jane Anderson Principle Lecturer in Architecture
Director of OB1 Live, Co-founder of the Live Projects Network
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Websites: OB1 Live, liveprojectsnetwork.org
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Biography: Jane Anderson, BArch (Hons) is an architect who studied at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, University College Dublin and University of East London. Jane previously taught at the University of Sheffield. She is now the Programme Lead for Undergraduate Architecture and runs OB1 LIVE, a programme of live projects designed and implemented by students in collaboration with the local community. She leads the year one design studio and supervises undergraduate dissertations. She is co-founder of the Live Projects Network, an online resource to connect students, academics, practitioners and clients involved in live projects. Jane is a National Teaching Fellow.

Practice: Jane has practiced as an architect in the UK and Germany. She has worked for Arup Associates / Eller Maier Walter, John McCall Architects and Brocklehurst Architects where she was an Associate, working on low energy cultural, educational and commercial projects up to £20million from inception to completion. Her live project work focuses on participatory, multi-disciplinary and cultural projects for community groups and charities that include Oxfordshire Play Association and the National Trust. Inter-disciplinary live project collaborations include educators, scientists, artists and construction professionals. Participation in exhibitions and festivals includes Audiograft, Pitt Rivers Museum and the London Festival of Architecture.

Research interests: Research interests include the relationship between reality and imagination in architecture; interdisciplinary connections and collaborations between art, literature, music and architecture; the work of John Hejduk; live projects / design build / service learning and the pedagogy of architectural design. Current research projects include an investigation of research methods for live projects, a survey of live projects in South America and the construction of “playable buildings”.


Selected Works:

A selection of some of my most interesting outputs are below:


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    Also available online at: buildingclouds.blogspot.co.uk pages, 62 images.

Book chapters

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Journal articles

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Research leadership

  • Member of Editorial Board: Charrette, the journal of the Association of Architectural Educators.
  • Co-founder of the Live Projects Network.
  • Collaborator with Design Build Exchange Europe and Design Build Exchange North America.
  • Co-convener of InHabit, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities.