The Design Theory Practice group undertakes design research produced inside and outside the discipline of architecture in order to facilitate the advancement of architectural research as a creative practice. The group explores the relationship between the theory and practice of design-based research in architecture.

Members of the DTP group are mostly trained architects, architectural educators (with studio and History and Theory expertise) and academics with established and emerging scholarly and practice reputations. Their research builds upon progressive postgraduate and undergraduate teaching in research-led design in the School of Architecture. In addition some of the group collaborate in their research with others in architectural practice or from non-architectural disciplines outside the School of Architecture.

Members undertake their practice-based research using methods typically used in architectural design as well as methods appropriated from other Arts and Humanities disciplines including:

  • Architectural drawing/modeling/prototyping/live projects;
  • Installation design and exhibition;
  • Painting and non-architectural drawing;
  • Filmmaking and documentary making;
  • Interior Design;
  • Photography;
  • Hypermedia and
  • Creative writing.

The work in the group is affiliated with the interdisciplinary architecture journal Architecture and Culture.

Ruth Cuenca

Ruth Cuenca


Design Theory Practice Group

School of Architecture
Oxford Brookes University

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