Christina Godsiken Senior Lecturer in Architecture
AA Dipl, MAA Danish Arkitekt
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Biography: Christina is a danish architect splitting her time across design projects, research and teaching. Her architecture is concerned with the human scale and cultural relevance in urban architectural development. In the past Christina continually collaborates with other design practices, manufacturers and stakeholders and has done work in the past with among others: FreeHaus, AOC Architects, Public Works, Alex Warnock-Smith, Craft:Pegg and Liam O'Connor Architects.

Practice: CG Architecture Ltd.

Research interests: Cultural Geometries is a 1:1 research by design association founded by Christina in 2012. It is a cross institution and practice based association consisting of permanent and visiting members, who contribute to ongoing work. At the moment the association has the following active projects:

Marble Waste Architecture & Landscape
Since 2011 Christina has through her design studio Unit H and independently investigated through design; architectural potential and relevance in marble waste and derelict landscapes. Recently designing and building a laminated anti-entropic and non-reinforced and masonry vault with Solubema & Etma in Portugal. It is 100% recycled marble and 4cm thin making it very material efficient. Work exhibited at the Imagined Rurality Conference Exhibition in Westminster University 2015.

LA Design review
Christina has since 2014 taken part annualy in Urban Design Reviews held monthly in Los Angeles City Hall. The AIA|LA and DCP Urban Design Review. Her interest is to follow the direct and indirect design impact of the reviews through key cases in Downtown LA. Tracing the value of Design Crits at city scale and documenting a changing area of the city. In addition this work is also leading to a collection of architectural questions that are to be re-asked in explorative design work.

1:1 as instrument for critical design development. This work started when Christina was herself a student and informed her work in practice in projects such as the Armed Forces Memorial and Worthing Splash Point and is now underpinning her design studio teaching. The work is both of pedagogical nature as well as an instrument for critical design inclusive of human scale and culture in urban architecture. It ranges from 1:1 engagement, installation and making as part of the design process.


Selected Works:

A selection of some of my most interesting outputs are below:

  • 2016: Bejlt Live Projects Vol 8, Issues 1-2, co-editor w. Jane Anderson & Harriet Harriss
  • 2011: “Burqa Spotting” w. Jan W Petersen an urban critique of the proposed ban published in “Mokum: A guide to Amsterdam” by Archis


Marble Pavilion Construction with Solubema & Etma in Portugal

West Kensington, Are You Smiling?