CENDEP produces a range of publications, including the yearly CENDEP newsletter. Our researchers regularly publishing books and papers, and we also publish a list of student dissertations, many of which are available to read online or through the UK inter-library loan scheme.

Latest publications

  • Akerkar S, Fordham M, 'Gender, place and mental health recovery in disasters: addressing issues of equality and difference' International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 23 (2017) ISSN: 2212-4209 eISSN: 2212-4209
  • Akerkar S, Joshi, PC, Fordham M, 'Cultures of Entitlement and Social Protection: Evidence from Flood Prone Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, India' World Development 86 (2016) pp.46-58 ISSN: 0305-750X eISSN: 0305-750X
  • Brun, C. (2016) Dwelling in the temporary: the involuntary mobility of displaced Georgians in rented accommodation. Cultural Studies 30(2) Special issue on (Im)mobilities of Dwelling, edited by L. Meier and S. Frank.
  • Davis, I. and Alexander, D. (2016) ‘Recovery from Disaster’, Routledge Studies in Hazards, Disaster Risk and Climate Change. Routledge: Abingdon.
  • Azmi, F., C. Brun and R. Lund. 2016. Young people’s recovery in Eastern Sri Lanka: From war to postwar and beyond. In Geographies of Children and Young People, Vol 11 Conflicts, Violence and Peace, edited by K. Hörschelman and C. Harker. Springer.
  • Akerkar S, 'Development of a normative framework for disaster relief: learning from colonial histories in India' Disasters 39 (S2) (2015) pp.219-243 ISSN: 0361-3666 eISSN: 0361-3666
  • Akerkar A, Devavaram J, 'Understanding Rights Based Approach in Disasters: A case for affirming human dignity' in Collins A, Jones S, Manyena B, Jayawickrama J (ed.), Hazard, Risks and Disasters in Society, Elsevier (2015) ISBN: 978-0-12-396451-9
  • Ayers, J. Carnegie, R. Sergio Marques da Conceicao, L. Dolan, M. Helm Grovas, S. Jones, R. Keely, R. Piquard, B. Stockdale, M. and Savage, E. (2015) Existence is Resistance: Building resilience in the South Hebron Hills Oxford Brookes University
  • Alvarez, R. Akerkar, S. and Banks, T. (2015) Resilience and Recovery after Typhoon Haiyan Oxford Brookes University
  • Burnell, J. and Phillips, R. (2015) The "New" Local. In: Phillips, R. and Pittman, H. eds. An Introduction to Community Development, Second Edition. New York and Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Davis, I. (lead ed.) (2015) Shelter after Disaster (2nd edition). Published with the support of IFRC. IFRC and OCHA, 2015 (online) http://bit.ly/28MI2gC. Accessed: 21.06.2016.
  • Paul Knox-Clarke ‘Exploring coordination in humanitarian clusters’ (with Leah Campbell) ALNAP / ODI 2015
  • Paul Knox-Clarke ‘Briefing papers on humanitarian effectiveness 1-7 (with Alice Obrecht) ALNAP / ODI 2015
  • Paul Knox-Clarke ‘Insufficient evidence? The quality and use of evidence in humanitarian action’ (with James Darcy) ALNAP / ODI 2014
  • Paul Knox-Clarke ‘Between chaos and control: rethinking operational leadership’; ALNAP / ODI 2014
  • Paul Knox-Clarke Meeting the Urban Challenge: adapting humanitarian efforts to an urban world (with Ben Ramalingam) Alnap / ODI 2012
  • Fordham M, Gupta S with Akerkar, S and Scharf M (2011) Leading resilient development: grassroots women's priorities, practices and innovations, published by Groots International and UNDP; see http://huairou.org/leading-resilient-development
  • Paul Knox-Clarke ‘Change in humanitarian organisations’ in ALNAP Review of Humanitarian Action 2008, ALNAP / ODI
  • Akerkar Supriya (2007) Disaster Mitigation and furthering women's rights: Learning from the Tsunami; in Gender, Technology and Development; 11; see http://gtd.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/11/3/357
  • Akerkar Supriya (2005) Rights, development and democracy: a perspective from India, in Reinventing Development: Translating Rights-Based Approaches from Theory into Practice, Ed Gready, Paul, Ensor Jonathan, ZED publications, UK and USA
  • Thomson K, Sundaray S, Akerkar S, Daniel U (2005) Bolangir to Hyderabad and the politics of poverty (co-authored) et al published by Action Aid International
  • Akerkar S (2001) Gender and participation, publication by Bridge, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK. see http://www.bridge.ids.ac.uk/reports/cep-part-rep.pdf
  • Research contributions to the Fifth Citizen's Report on the State of India's Environment, 1999 Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi
  • Akerkar Supriya (1997) "Feminist voices" in Journal Seminar, New Delhi, Pg34-37
  • Akerkar Supriya (1997) Women, ecology and development, in Women's Link, Volume 46, No3, published by Social Action Trust, New Delhi
  • Akerkar Supriya (1995) "Theory and practice of women's movement in India : A discourse analysis", Working Paper Series No 193, Published by Institute of Social Studies , Hague, Netherlands, April 1995. The Paper is also published in Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XXX, No 17, Pg WS 2-WS-23, April 1995. This can be downloaded from publishing.eur.nl/ir/repub/asset/18894/wp193.pdf
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