CENDEP offers a number of internships to enable students to undertake field based research.

Internships usually take place in the third semester, ie between May and September, and are open for Masters students wanting to undertake field based research for their dissertations. CENDEP currently offers internships within the following organisations:

  • All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI), Ahmedabad, India, a well established NGO working with communities in risk reduction activities
  • CARE Bangladesh, a large and well established NGO working throughout the country on a range of development and relief programmes
  • Department of institutional housing, Polokwani Provincial Government, South Africa. The Department is engaged in housing throughout the Province
  • RAPID LatinoAmerica, based in Lima, Peru. RAPID specialises in community based disaster risk reduction
  • SEEDS India, based in Delhi. SEEDS works in disaster risk reduction and post disaster rehabilitation, and is currently working in seven countries in Asia
  • Shelter Centre, based in Geneva.

CENDEP also works closely with its global tutors – practice based professionals working throughout the world. CENDEP's global tutors currently include:

Belinda Cowden

Belinda trained as an architect and took CENDEP's Masters degree. She has 14 years work experience working for NGOs in shelter, disaster management and community development in the UK and South Africa. Her work over the last five years has focused on environmental sustainability issues in urban areas, developing sustainable livelihoods strategies and community consultation. She is currently Director of Institutional Housing for Polokwane Province, northern South Africa.

Giuseppe Daminao

Giuseppe trained as an architect before embarking on a career in development and emergency work. He has worked in Peru for over 10 years and is currently Executive Director of the NGO Rapid LatinoAmerica

Patama Roonrakwit

Patama has worked closely with people in urban poor area for over 10 years. She founded Community Architects for Shelter and Environment (CASE, www.casestudio.info). Patama is a visiting lecturer at several universities in Thailand, a consultant to several organisations and urban poor development related projects. She was a recipient of the award 'young architect with outstanding work' from Association of Siamese Architects (ASA).

Dr Anshu Sharma

Anshu trained as an urban planner and is co-founder and Programme Director of SEEDS, an India based voluntary organisation working in the area of community based disaster management in South Asia. He has twelve years of work experience, ranging from community action planning to policy research and advocacy, in South Asia. He is currently involved in disaster management research and community based disaster mitigation programmes, including an initiative on linking universities and NGOs for extending education programmes to field practitioners.