Improving learning and practice in the NGO shelter sector

ELRHA funded action research project in collaboration with CARE UK

In October CENDEP in collaboration with the NGO CARE International UK won a one year research project funded by ELRHA (Enhancing Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance). The objective of the project is to improve the post-disaster shelter capacity of NGOs through facilitating learning and improving practice.

Facilitating learning: education and dissemination

At Brookes we have developed a Postgraduate Certificate in Shelter after Disaster, open to shelter practitioners wanting to consolidate their knowledge and understanding. Within CARE, lessons feed into ongoing staff training and also into case studies for a manual on shelter responses to be used within Country Offices. Other activities will include:

  • Facilitating new personnel into the sector through training and mentoring
  • Building up a body of knowledge and experience and feeding lessons back into teaching and practice
  • Disseminating lessons learnt through briefing notes, via existing networks

Improving practice: sharing knowledge and skills via a Shelter Learning and Advisory Service

While drawing on lessons from CARE, the intention is also to improve practice to a wider audience of NGOs. To these ends this project will link with a new initiative CENDEP is currently developing - a Shelter Learning and Advisory Service. The idea is that the Service will provide quality practice-based advice to NGOs and agencies involved in shelter and other construction projects, e.g. houses, schools, clinics. The Service will aim to respond to the needs in the field and costs will be kept to a minimum; also, it will reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of all shelter programmes by forming teams of mixed skill sets.

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