CENDEP Human Rights Arts Festival

Oxford Brookes University 12th Annual Film Festival

The Oxford Brookes University Human Rights Arts Festival is an initiative of post graduate students on the MA course in Development and Emergency Practice.

In attracting diverse audiences to each of our events, the Festival has achieved its objective of raising awareness about a range of human rights concerns among students and across the wider Oxford community. In previous years guest speakers have included award winning Lebanese filmmaker, Jean Chamoun; former Beirut hostage John McCarthy, legendary musician Annie Lennox and the Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabati.

12th Annual Festival: 24th-28th February 2014

For film trailers, information on speakers and organisations please see www.oxfordhumanrightsfestival.org


FILM Monday 24th February 2014


Oxford Brookes University John Henry Brookes Lecture Theatre, 7pm
An orphaned Palestinian girl growing up in the wake of Arab-Israeli war finds herself drawn into the conflict. Followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A with speakers, Sir Iain Chalmers, Nikki Marriot and Jenny Stanton.

POETRY Monday 24th February 2014

Poetry, Human Rights and Revolution: the literary afterlife of Roger Casement.

Blackwell's Bookshop, 7pm
This lecture, by Dr Eóin Flannery, Director of the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre, revisited Irish-born Roger Casement's humanitarian work, and profiled how this divisive, yet exemplary figure, has been memorialised in modern literature.

FILM Monday 24th February 2014


Old Fire Station, 7.30pm
Irish republican Bobby Sands leads the inmates of a Northern Irish prison in a hunger strike. Followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A with speakers Maureen Hetherington and Dr. Richard Carver.

FILM Tuesday 25th February 2014

Honour me with Sameem Ali and Stacey Bob

Ultimate Picture Palace, 6pm
Just thirteen when she was forced to marry a complete stranger and raped on her wedding night, Sameem tells of her struggle to break free from her past and fight back against her upbringing.

NEW ADDITION WORKSHOP Tuesday 25th February 2014

Identity: What stories inform who we believe we are?

Old Fire Station, 2.30pm-5.30pm
Three hour workshop exploring our personal narratives in response to the Israel/Palestine situation.

PERFORMANCE Tuesday 25th February 2014

Ivor Dembina - This is not a Subject for Comedy

Old Fire Station, 7.30pm
How one north London Jew came to change his views on the Middle East conflict when he witnessed first-hand the Israeli occupation, followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A.

FILM Wednesday 26th February 2014

Screenings and speakers: Jason Parkinson and Jess Hurd

Ultimate Picture Palace, 6pm
Videojournalist Jason Parkinson and his partner photographer Jess Hurd talked about their work in conflict zones around the world, followed by an audience Q&A.

POETRY Wednesday 26th February 2014

Azfa Awad, Martin Powell & Anthony Anaxagorou

Truck Store, 7pm
An evening of thought-provoking spoken word poetry featuring an array of acclaimed poets. Winner of the London Mayor's Poetry Slam Anthony Anaxagorou, the prestigious national Tower Poetry winner Azfa Awad and the UN Conference on sustainable development featured poet Martin Powell brought together poetry and human rights.

FILM Wednesday 26th February 2014


Old Fire Station, 7.30pm
The extraordinary story of a woman who becomes the legendary activist, politician and poet, Salma, followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A.

FILM Thursday 27th February 2014

The Reluctant Revolutionary

Ultimate Picture Palace, 6pm
An intimate portrait of Yemen as the revolution unfolds, told through the eyes of tour guide leader Kais, followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A with Amat al-Alim Alsoswa, the first female Minister of Human Rights in Yemen, and Helen Lackner who has worked in all parts of Yemen since the 1970s and has written about the country's political economy as well as social and economic issues.

POETRY & PERFORMANCE Thursday 27th February 2014

Poetry, folk music and human rights: George the Poet, Paula Ryan and Stick in the Wheel

Truck Store , 7pm.
Groundbreaking urban poet George the Poet, London folk musicians Stick in the Wheel and Paula Ryan, a compelling singer-songwriter from Tipperary brought together their own political and protest performance.

PERFORMANCE Thursday 27th February 2014

Like Enemies of the State

Old Fire Station, 7.30pm
A thought-provoking play based on the real-life stories of three child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, followed by Communicating Human Rights through Theatre, an open discussion about making relevant theatre with Tommy Lexen, writer and director.

POETRY Friday 28th February 2014

Jamie McKendrick

Blackwell's Bookshop, 7pm
Jamie McKendrick read from his 2007 collection, Crocodiles and Obelisks, followed by a discussion with Dr Eóin Flannery regarding the 'humanitarian' and political aspects of that collection.

PERFORMANCE Friday 28th February 2014

Live music with Lucy Ward and band, and Moonrakers

Old Fire Station, 7.30pm
An evening of political folk music featuring accomplished local band Moonrakers and Radio 2 Folk Singer of the Year nominee Lucy Ward and her band.