PGCert Online course for practitioners

The online postgraduate certificate in Humanitarian Action and Conflict is aimed at experienced practitioners who wish to improve their understanding and competencies, develop new skills and reflect on their practices.

The programme tackles the newest and most innovative developments about humanitarian issues in conflict or turbulent environment and creates a space for dialogue on the practical and theoretical concept of humanitarian action.

The course is taking the workplace as the main learning environment and allows students from all over the world, involved in humanitarian actions, to engage with a global community of learners and tutors. Through theory and practice-based exercises the course addresses crosscutting issues such as conflict sensitivity, conflict transformation, culture sensitivity, participation, resilience and urban crises.

Course components

  • Module 1
    Understanding conflict and conflict sensitivity
    Unpacking issues related to violence and conflict and understanding intervention in, on and around conflict.
  • Module 2
    Culture-sensitive approach to humanitarian action
    Understanding and engaging with core issues related to culture, intercultural communication, and culture-sensitivity and developing cases related to cultural dimensions such as gender, displacement, identity, space and time.
  • Module 3
    Humanitarian action and urban crises
    Using action research to understand issues related to urban settings and specificities of humanitarian projects.

Students' feedback

'The modules studied in the course gave me a better understanding of the connection between organisations, government institutions and civil society, and the turmoil that sometimes evolve from their relation. Subjects such as peace-making, conflict sensitivity, and symbolic violence have provided me the analytical understanding of conflict, humanitarian intervention and the various paths lying ahead to restore confidence of the parts involved.' – Paulo Ferreira (2012-2013)
'I experienced working in conflict and emergency response in several countries such as Afghanistan, Japan, Nepal and Jordan. This course provided me essential academic knowledge to support my work. It was great to share with other students who have very different experience in the field.' – Miyuki Tsujii (2012-2013)
'I realised that cultural sensitivity issues are actually studied and that processes exist to help us better understand the contexts.' – Suzanna Costa (2011-2012)
'I work as a director of an NGO in the Dominican Republic that deals with community development, conservation issues and children's programs all over the country. I chose to do the online HAC certificate because it was a great compliment to my job and field experience and because I had heard from others that the program had a great reputation. I am applying many concepts learned in class in my daily work. In particular, documentation about conflict resolution and different humanitarian aid methodologies and frameworks have been handy'. – Andrea Draiby Vogel (2012-2013)


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