Description of Research Area

The relationship between law and practice is a key area of research for CENDEP where we contribute to the understanding of how policies and institutions operate in the protection of human rights. For example, we are conducting research on the effectiveness of torture prevention and the mechanisms for protecting against torture in different national contexts and globally. Socio-legal studies of the impact of law, and in particular the role of national human rights institutions, as well as a broader focus on human rights are major contributions.

The relationship between human rights and forced migration, and more broadly the impact of forced migration on policies and institutional practices are important areas of research. In close collaboration with other research areas of CENDEP, we conduct research on protracted situations of conflict-induced displacement, the changing relationships between people and places as a result of forced migration, the role of shelter and housing for forced migrants (including property restitution), and the unintended consequences of humanitarian assistance in forced migration settings.

Geographical areas:

Globally (comparative studies), South-eastern Europe, South Asia, South-Caucasus, UK, Southern Africa

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