Description of Research Area

Within the field of disasters, risk and development, our work explores social aspects of emergencies, disaster and development. The research is particularly concerned with how social factors influence relative vulnerability and resilience experienced by individuals and households at risk or affected by emergencies. It studies how social identities and characteristics of persons, namely gender, age, disability, race and ethnicity and their intersectionality contribute to this experience.

The research takes the standpoint that vulnerability and resilience are neither fixed nor exclusive, and we explore conditions under which they change. Livelihood systems, coping, adaptation strategies including migration are studied in these contexts. We analyse the institutional frameworks as well as social, economic, cultural and political context within which social change takes place and its implications for social policies for vulnerability reduction and pro-poor development such as social protection and entitlements.

The work of CENDEP UK, namely the Small Change Forum, explores development issues, including poverty, identity and social urban development, within the United Kingdom. Using the Small Change Approach, as developed by CENDEP's Emeritus Professor Nabeel Hamdi, our research investigates, through theory and practice, ways in which participatory arts techniques can act as catalysts for positive change in communities.

CENDEP conducts research at the interface between academic research and practical work and we collaborate with a number of civil society organizations and practitioners in this research area. Methodologically we conduct surveys, but the main part of our work is qualitative, using case studies, participatory, action research methods and more ethnographic approaches including comparative work. The research area is closely connected with other research areas of CENDEP.

Geographical areas:

South Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United Kingdom

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