DEP Cohort 2015/16

While Brookes has its own alumni programme, CENDEP student cohorts in recent years have set up and moderated their own chat groups.

These groups currently include:

  1. DEP20
  2. Facebook group established in 2011 to celebrate the DEP 20th Anniversary

  3. CENDEP Alums
  4. Did you attend CENDEP's masters degree programme? If you did you're one of some 500 people from all corners of the world who have done so since 1991. This page is for CENDEP Alums to reconnect with friends, share news, ideas and information, and to network with those currently working in humanitarian development and emergency practice.

  5. CENDEP Alumni (DEP Cohort 2009/10)
  6. Facebook group established for CENDEP alumni

  7. CENDEP Alumni
  8. Facebook group for all current and former students attending the CENDEP Masters degree in Humanitarian and Development Practice.

  9. CENDEP Alumni Yahoo group
  10. Created in 2003 for past and present students the group invites postings concerning development, humanitarian/human rights theory or practice and job postings.

Alumni testimonials

Kamiya Keisuke DEP 2011-12

"The experience at CENDEP was really useful when working in the field. Last December, after the devastation by the Typhoon Yolanda, I was deployed to the Philippines by a Japanese NGO to engage in a recovery shelter programme. I developed a construction training programme incorporating humanitarian theories repeatedly learned at CENDEP, especially concerning people-centred approaches and working to ensure a smooth transition form emergency to recovery."

Rabecca Moriku DEP 2010/11

"My experience from living in a refugee camp for 16 of my 26 years in Northern Uganda is my biggest driver and motivation for pursing this Masters Degree in Development and Emergency Practice. My biggest dream is to work with vulnerable communities nationally and internationally..."

Almaz Fiseha DEP 2010

"I worked on development and emergency with international humanitarian organisations in my country, Ethiopia, for over 30 years. I stepped back from the 'chipping' away' at my work and came to study in order to understand the bigger picture. I chose Oxford Brookes because of the design of the DEP course was the answer to my quest. I really liked how the modules included theory and practical exercises and addressed development issues as well as disaster response in both rural and urban settings. It also provided applicable knowledge on human rights, conflict, shelter, gender, partnering etc."

Josie Calvert DEP 2009/10

"A week after I started at Save the Children UK a typhoon hit both Vietnam and the Philippines, there was an earthquake in Indonesia, and at the same time SCUK was preparing to scale up to respond to the chronic food crisis in East Africa. My first few weeks in the emergencies team were a real baptism of fire but I was able to draw on the knowledge and skills that I learnt at Oxford Brookes and apply them to my work. Starting the MA at Brookes was one of the best decisions I have ever made and my feet have hardly touched the ground since."

Eric Meldrum DEP 2009/10

"The course basically opened my eyes up to the world and I am still using the knowledge and skills I gained during that year in my work today. I simply would not have been able to get to where I have without doing the MA."

John Harvey DEP 2009

"A vet...what brings you here? The MA course helped me in balancing the challenges of working for an organisation that has a foot in development and a foot in the world of animal welfare. The cohort of students also provided me with ongoing friendship, support and great contacts."

Sari Kaipainen, DipArch/DEP 2006/07

"I completed the taught part of the Development and Emergency Practice course in 2006/07. I do not exaggerate when saying that this year and what followed was truly life changing."

Damaris Frick, Salvation Army Emergency Services

"The lecturers have broad experience in the field themselves and relate their teaching to that. It is also great that the course attracts people from various backgrounds, ethnically and regarding experience. The course challenges me to improve not only my own work but to influence my organisation as well."

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