Offsite and Modern Methods of Construction

Oxford Brookes University (Oxford Institute of Sustainable Development, OISD) has been active in the offsite and MMC sector since 1989. It has considerable experience and expertise in the special requirements that make this sector a successful alternative to traditional methods of construction.

The Architectural Engineering Group within OISD has worked with many of the major brands in the offsite construction market and understands the relationship, synergy and balance required between design, manufacture and construction to deliver excellence in products and processes. The group is familiar with prefabrication and the discipline of system design, manufacture, and assembly and the application of lean principles. In addition the availability within the department of predictive modelling and laboratory test facilities allows the group to reduce the risk of poor performing details. It can also explore any problems that could be associated with the interface with site activities.

The department is familiar with most generic types of offsite manufacture including modular, cellular, framing, both open and closed panel, and hybrid products. It is skilled in establishing the balance of investment to production levels to meet client and user needs together with the appropriate level of mechanisation and automation. Similarly the department has experience of material handling, JIT supply and supply chain integration.

OISD has close links with the appropriate trade associations such as SCI and TRADA and the major material producers and suppliers. It has a reputation for supporting the development of innovative products and techniques. It achieves this through the team’s excellent knowledge and experience of the behaviour of modern materials and their physical properties. This expertise is reinforced through access to our building physics laboratory for testing and proving and a long term specialist research and development program. In addition to its own resources the department can draw on the work of researchers and experts working in complimentary fields from within the University.


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