Life Cycle Costing & Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle costing is defined as the evaluation of the cost of an asset over its planned service life. The commonly adopted definition can be found in BS/ISO 15686-5 Buildings and Construction Assets. By following the standardised method described in the standard the life cycle and cost planning data can be established based on material performance, cost in use and initial cost. This in turn can inform decisions on best value and the environmental impact through a total life cycle.

The Research team at Brookes is well placed to give expert analysis, testing and client advice from an experienced team that is highly qualified and informed through appropriate test programmes and research both in the laboratory and on site. The team has particular expertise in the energy usage of buildings and building monitoring including the performance of insulation and isolation strategies. In addition the team has a successful history of component and product design to meet client's performance aspirations plus concept modelling and verification in preparation for third party approval and assurance.


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