Marina Illum

Questions and answers:

  1. Before you came to Brookes what did you study and where?
  2. Before I came to Brookes I studied International Migration and Ethnic Relations in Malmoe University, Sweden for one year. Before entering higher education, I studied under the International Baccalaureate program in Denmark.

  3. What made you choose Brookes as a place to study?
  4. I chose Brookes as a place to study because of where the university is located, I think choosing the right city and environment is very important for one's studies. I also decided to continue at Brookes because of the way the course is structured. It allows students to specialise in different areas of interest within the field.

  5. What do you think of the course now you're here?
  6. So far I think the course has been the best thing I have done. I have learned a tremendous amount, from every part of the subject to finding out who I am as a person. The course encourages self-motivation and exploration, where you can choose to specialise in areas you find important or interesting. The tutors in my course have been amazing; it has made a tremendous difference in my education.

  7. What are your plans for when you've completed your course, for work or further study?
  8. I hope to obtain a position abroad, ideally in North America, where I can also pursue my interest in American vernacular architecture.

  9. What are the best bits of studying at Brookes?
  10. The best aspects of studying in Brookes are the people you study with, its facilities and resources. There are so many students from all over the world who come to study at Brookes. We all have different backgrounds but share a common interest in what we study and as a result you get a different perspective on the subject you are interested in. The facilities provided by the department are also one of the best aspects, the computers are equipped with a variety of 3d software, Adobe programs and CAD tools. It has helped me to gain experience with the different software used in Architectural practices.

  11. What advice do you have for others?
  12. Choose a course or subject that you will enjoy studying. If you are passionate about what you study, you will shine through. Stay focused and work hard, you will learn a lot more than you can imagine.

Marina Illum

Marina studied Diploma in Architecture with the School of Architecture

Stay focused and work hard, you will learn a lot more than you can imagine.