Manmeet Kaur

Questions and answers:

  1. What made you decide to come to Oxford Brookes University?
  2. I was looking for a Masters course to enhance my learning and horizons of work but not get lost in academia and with that I mean base my learning in practical experiences and practical ways of learning. The DEP course seemed to custom fit what I was looking for. This scholarship then helped me make my final decision that this is where I would want to come.

  3. What does this Scholarship mean to you? Did this award enable you to study at Oxford Brookes?
  4. This scholarship is the reason why I am here. There is no way I could have come here and pursued my Masters without this financial aid and I am really grateful for this opportunity to be able to be here exploring and learning.

  5. How have you found your experiences of the University so far?
  6. It has been really interesting. I find my course stimulating. So far meeting people – course-mates and professors from around the world with so many varied experiences has been the highlight of being here for me.

Manmeet Kaur

Manmeet studied MA Development and Emergency Practice with the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) in the School of Architecture