Brinda Parth Shah

Questions and answers:

  1. Before you came to Brookes what did you study and where?
  2. I took an undergraduate course in Architecture at CEPT, Ahmedabad, India.

  3. What made you choose Brookes as a place to study?
  4. I was interested in vernacular architecture and more importantly I wanted to undertake my study with Dr. Paul Oliver.

  5. What did you think of the course while you were here?
  6. I really was inspired with the exposure I got from the faculties about the world’s vernacular architecture. The field studies and other optional courses makes one learn about various important aspects in Architecture. According to me, this course is really important for contemporary architecture design attitude.

  7. How did your scholarship enhance your experience of the course?
  8. Without this scholarship, I would not have made it to study my masters. Getting this kind of financial help for this course was really rewarding and inspiring to do the best at my capacity in the course.

  9. Since completing your course what career opportunities have you taken up?
  10. I started to teach as I was offered the post of an Assistant Professor at the Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture, Rajkot. Also, my husband and I run our own architectural practice to take up real life challenges of the profession and my firm won an Architect of the Year award from JK white cement 2008 for our residential studio at Rajkot.

  11. What are the best aspects of studying at Brookes?
  12. Its location in Oxford. My course teachers and colleagues of different nationalities enriched my experiences. My halls of residence was very close to the university and made life really easy.

  13. What advice do you have for others thinking of studying in the School of the Built Environment?
  14. The School of the Built Environment offers interesting postgraduate courses and people who come to study these courses come from different professional and cultural backgrounds. It is advisable to share experiences and interact with other students.

Brinda Parth Shah

Brinda studied MA International Architectural Regeneration and Development with the School of Architecture

According to me, this course is really important for contemporary architecture design attitude.