Ainul Hayati Besar Nawawi

Questions and answers:

  1. Before you came to Brookes what did you study and where?
  2. I studied Architecture and gained my Bachelor of Science in Architecture back in Malaysia. The name of the university was MARA University of Technology and its Faculty of Built and Environment is among the best Architecture Schools in Malaysia.

  3. What made you choose Brookes as a place to study?
  4. Right after graduating in MARA University, I had a one year working experience in an architects firm also back in Malaysia. It was there that I decided to pursue my Postgraduate study and did some research on universities, local as well as abroad. I was aiming to receive RIBA accreditation and after some thorough studies on UK's leading architecture schools, I was fully convinced that Brookes had everything that I wanted. The main reason why I chose Brookes was because of its top ranking among UK's best architecture schools. Secondly, Brookes has its own individualistic approach in its Diploma course whereby students are free to choose their own path and design styles where at the end of the day, the idea and design are exclusive and individualistic.

  5. What do you think of the course now you're here?
  6. I am very happy to study Architecture here at Brookes as all of us students are being exposed to many new ideas and concepts which were beyond my imagination when I was back in Malaysia. It is a very good approach for us to be given the opportunity to choose and direct our own design brief, from the very start until the final product, but at the same time being guided efficiently by tutors. This is what makes Brookes completely different from any other Architecture Schools especially the one I studied at in Malaysia whereby you need to follow one brief and everyone ended up having the same product.

  7. What are your plans for when you've completed your course, for work or further study?
  8. I am planning to further my study, taking the Masters in Development And Emergency Practice course as I am really enjoying doing my final year with this design specialization. It is a completely different specialization to what you can learn in any other Architecture Schools. Only Brookes offers this specialization and it is interesting to embark into something different, to be shared and to be applied in real life projects soon.

  9. What are the best bits of studying at Brookes?
  10. Brookes offers freedom of choice in anything you do, and it promotes analytical and critical ways of thinking that generate more brilliant ideas. Visiting lecturers and speakers, from famously known Architects to any other persons related to your subject matters are interesting enabling students to enjoy first hand / face to face interview sessions that open up their minds and thinking. Field trips that are relevant to design studio projects are also exciting.

  11. What advice do you have for others?
  12. For those who want to pursue their studies in Architecture, there is no doubt that Brookes should be top of their list. The many experienced lecturers and tutors and award winning projects of students' works show how highly Brookes is rated by all, especially RIBA who give the Part 1 and Part 2 Accreditation to Brookes' students. If you are looking for something new, something different, something individual that not all Architecture schools can offer you, Brookes is definitely the one to choose!

Ainul Nawawi

Ainul studied Diploma in Architecture with the School of Architecture

If you are looking for something new, something different, something individual that not all Architecture schools can offer you, Brookes is definitely the one to choose!