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We offer a rich diversity of courses at postgraduate level. Our student population is drawn from a variety of countries and cultures worldwide, providing a vibrant learning experience for all.

MArchD - Applied Design in Architecture ARB/RIBA Part 2

Applied Design in Architecture (MArchD) at Oxford Brookes is for those who wish to become professionally qualified in the UK and provides ARB Part 2. It is also possible, through the Major Study design specialisation, to spend half of the course pursuing your own research and design programme.

Megan Passey - Student Profile

Student Profile
Megan Passey
MArchD Applied Design in Architecture ARB/RIBA Part 2

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Marina Illum - Student Profile

Student Profile
Marina Illum
Diploma in Architecture

MArch / PGDip - Architecture

The Advanced Architectural Design Module represents the core of the learning experience. Project-based learning is used in a studio environment to individually and collectively explore architectural design problems. The MArch programme concludes with the Dissertation Project in which individual students work with a supervisor on projects that have developed from the work of the design studio or appropriate Special Route.

Patama Roonkrawit - Student Profile

Student Profile
Paul Stockley
MA Development and Emergency Practice

MA / PGDip / PGCert - Development and Emergency Practice

The Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP)'s award-winning master's degree in Development and Emergency Practice is known and respected for its practice base and strong culture of student and practitioner collaboration. The programme is offered at three levels: as postgraduate certificate (PG Cert), postgraduate diploma (PG Dip) and a masters degree (MA). Normally candidates enrol for the masters degree, but it is possible to enrol directly on the PG Cert or PG Dip, either on recommendation from the admissions tutor, or as a stopping point en route to the MA.

Jean-Paul Ntezimana - Student Profile

Student Profile
Jean-Paul Ntezimana
PG Certificate, Humanitarian Action and Conflict

MA / PGDip / PGCert - Humanitarian Action and Peacebuilding

The online postgraduate certificate in Humanitarian Action and Peacebuilding, offered by the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) is aimed at experienced practitioners, whether currently in the field or between missions, who wish to improve their understanding and competencies, develop new skills and reflect on their practices. Open to those with an undergraduate degree in any relevant discipline, and substantial and proven professional experience in the field of humanitarian action, or to those with no previous degree but extensive experience in humanitarian action or related fields.

Michelle young - Student Profile

Student Profile
Michelle Young
PGCert Shelter after Disaster

PGCert - Shelter after Disaster

While shelter after disaster has been a recognised field of work for at least thirty years, the systems and approaches for successful shelter delivery are far from clear. With a bewildering range of actors and contested debate over the best approaches, achieving equitable, sustainable and effective shelter after disaster can be complex and too often goes wrong. To these ends the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice's (CENDEP) approach to shelter after disaster is to learn from practice about what works best.

Akbar Nazim Modan - Student Profile

Student Profile
Akbar Nazim Modan
MA Int Arch Regeneration and Development

MA / PGDip / PGCert - International Architectural Regeneration and Development

This programme promotes an interdisciplinary approach that combines critical thinking and analysis with creative design in the inherited built environment. It is based on the ethos that as a component of sustainable development the regeneration and development of places concerns their physical, social and cultural fabric. The course is offered at three levels: as a postgraduate certificate, a postgraduate diploma and a master's degree. Normally candidates enrol for the master's degree, but it is possible to enrol directly on the PGCert or PGDip, either on recommendation from the admissions tutor or as an exit point from the MA.

Matt Gregg - Student Profile

Student Profile
Matt Gregg
MSc Sustainable Building: Performance and Design

MSc / PGDip / PGCert - Sustainable Building: Performance and Design

A key aim of the programme is to promote an interdisciplinary and strategic approach to design that will enable professionals to integrate their skills and co-operate in achieving genuinely excellent environmental performance in buildings.

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