29 November 2016

Architecture Connects

Early bird registration has been extended - 4 July 2017

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International peer reviewed conference of the association of architectural educators
Early bird registration has been extended - 4 July 2017
Oxford Brookes School of Architecture

"Hosted by Oxford Brookes School of Architecture, in collaboration with the association of architectural educators, Architecture Connects aae2017 is an International Peer Reviewed Conference on ‘strategies for the co-production of architectural knowledge’ which will run from 6 to 9 September 2017."

Architecture Connects is an international conference on architectural education and research that collaborates with people in real world contexts. This includes any external collaboration that engages academics and students in learning, practice or research in order to create new knowledge. These strategies are often inter-disciplinary, innovative, and subject to the change occurring in the world around them. This means that they are complex and closely connected to the society where they take place. The conference encourages multi-disciplinary participants and offers them opportunities to disseminate their work to a variety of audiences.

The conference will expand the communities of practice in architectural education that were established by previous aae conferences by developing the lively discourse that took place around the themes of social engagement, live projects and design research. The conference is being organised in collaboration with Live Projects Network, designbuild Xchange, SEED Network, Centre for Public Interest Design, Design Corps, and db Exchange – international networks who share these concerns.

The overall theme “Architecture Connects” will enable exploration of ways to create positive dialogue and collaboration between architectural educators, students, practitioners, researchers, educational bodies, local communities and other disciplines. By viewing architectural education as a linchpin between universities and society, the conference mission is to improve communication and contribute new knowledge that is of mutual benefit to all parties.


The conference welcomes diverse submissions that address one or more of the following connected themes:
Agility I Activism I Co-production I Creativity I Inclusion I Identity I Performance I Pedagogy Resilience I Responsibility

Call for work that addresses one or more of the conference themes:

  • Papers (3,000 – 6,000 words)
  • Workshop proposals (500-1,000 word description)
  • Case Studies for the Exhibition (500-1,000 word project description plus 3 images)
  • Films for the Exhibition (500-1,000 word project description plus 2-3 minute film)

Conference aims

  • to stimulate dialogue between those operating design, pedagogical and research strategies beyond the educational institution, often requiring multi-disciplinary expertise.
  • to disseminate best practice in the education of resilient and responsive architects and designers for changing society, culture and technology.
  • to articulate multi-disciplinary methodologies for the creation of new knowledge and innovation through actions that engage external collaborators.
  • to evaluate and disseminate the mutual benefits brought to society and universities by the creation of this new knowledge.