27 March 2013

Year One Architecture Students hold inaugural Lantern Festival in Warneford Meadow

Students taking part in the Lantern Festival
Students taking part in the Lantern Festival

On 1st February, year one students of architecture and interior architecture at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture held an inaugural Lantern Festival in Warneford Meadow.

The purpose of the project was to explore and analyse the site, using the students’ design skills to choreograph an event and also to connect with local interest groups.

Inspired by the lantern festivals held by students at the Bauhaus School of Art, the event started with a giant game of “infection” where one’s lantern was lit after meeting another lantern bearer. The meadow soon became illuminated and transformed into a game of “snake” with each individual walking through the meadow joining the procession. Neighbours in the adjacent hospitals, houses, golf club and care homes were invited making the event a fantastic opportunity for students to learn more about Warneford Meadow and the people who use it. The lanterns sparked great interest. Passers-by approached students to ask lots of interesting questions about the project. Community newsletters also got involved by tweeting about the festival on the day. The students were delighted when the Friends of Warneford Meadow later invited them to get involved with their site clear-up day.

Jane Anderson, Programme Lead for Undergraduate Architecture commented on the project describing it as “one of the most fun” they’ve done. She commended the students and local residents for “braving the mud with 100 lanterns, weaving through the meadow and lighting it up on a cold winter's evening”.

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