23 September 2011

Ox.IDE *1: All ARROWS lead to somewhere...

Inter-disciplinary event creates occasion for collaboration between undergraduates in neighbouring schools

Cowley, Oxford

The inaugural undergraduate Oxford Brookes University, School of Arts and School of Architecture Inter-Disciplinary Event, Ox.IDE took place on Friday 23rd September. Organised by Colin Priest (Architecture) with the help of Tiffany Black (Fine Art), the one-day event was conceived by Colin as a way to start to cross the disciplinary boundaries of Art and Architecture: "By getting to know each other early on and experience different minds being creative the occasion could be the first of much collaboration between the neighbouring schools".

With support of the Head of the School of Arts, Alison Honour, Matt Gaskin (Head of the School of Architecture) and David Whittingham (Students Union) the entire Undergraduate cohort of around 600+ students from Fine Art, Film, Music, Architecture and Interior Architecture were invited and allocated into random vertical groups. The task set, to point out something or somewhere or someone interesting in Oxford. The groups quickly shared their varied experiences and knowledge of interesting places in Oxford, setting out to make an impromptu arrow and photograph them in situ for screening at the evening BBQ In Union Square. The outcome; imagined to be exhibited in Oxford in the near future, reads as a guidebook to the wonderfully familiar and commonly surprising states found in and around contemporary Oxford.

Colin would like to thank everyone who participated and the Student Union for their generous support on this successful event. Edward Campbell, Jennie Schneider, Maria Dumitru, Sofie Grieg (Architecture), Zoe Maslen, Rosa Nussbaum, Elsa Trueman (Fine Art)