23 July 2013

Congratulations to our winner of the 2013 RIBA Wren Insurance Scholarships

Work by Megan Passey; 'Spacemakers' an interactive workshop for children

Work by Megan Passey; 'Spacemakers' an interactive workshop for children

MArchD student Megan Passey is one of five talented students of architecture to win £5,000 and invaluable mentoring from some of the UK’s leading architectural practices. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the architects’ professional indemnity insurance mutual The Wren Insurance Association Limited have awarded Megan and four other architecture students an inaugural RIBA Wren Insurance Association Scholarship.

The scholarships were not awarded for particular pieces of work, but to support outstanding Part 2 students who have the potential to make a significant contribution in the field of architecture. Megan said of her success:

"I'm delighted to have been awarded a RIBA Wren Insurance Association Scholarship. The £5,000 award will help me to concentrate on my final year of study without needing to take on additional freelance work to support myself and should enable me to be more ambitious in my proposals for the coming year."

During the first year of the MArchD course at Brookes, students have the opportunity to pursue a design specialisation, which allows them to focus in depth on areas that are not always part of a traditional architectural education. Megan chose to specialise in Development and Emergency Practice, which brings together students from many backgrounds and disciplines to examine the root causes of poverty and the principles of humanitarianism. Megan said:

"Buildings are a fundamental human right and contribute to the realisation of many other rights, yet architects are rarely invited to consider what their contribution might mean in this context. The Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) was the reason I chose to study at Brookes and I am looking forward to bringing ideas and themes from my specialisation into my design work this coming year. I am proud that the RIBA recognises how the study of other disciplines can enrich our ideas about architecture as well as the important contribution that architects can make outside traditional practice."

RIBA President Angela Brady said:

"Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s scholarships, I wish them the very best for their final year of the Part 2. These generous scholarships, made possible by The Wren Insurance Association, will provide these talented students with financial support at an important stage of their architectural education. I am also delighted that the Members of The Wren Insurance Association Limited are supporting the next generation of talented architects through mentoring."