21 February 2013

Consuming the Exotic exhibition now on

Consuming the Exotic is an exhibition by Oxford Brookes postgraduate Architecture students running at the Old Fire Station until Friday 1st March. The exhibition focuses on questioning the environmental consequences of our current fetish for experiencing foreign culture.

Consuming the Exotic exhibition

It does this by focusing on a visit to Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey by 17 young architect students in November 2012. Andrew Dawson, from Original Field of Architecture Ltd., who is helping oversee the exhibition commented; "Consuming the Exotic is an exhibition that asks us all to consider the role of architecture in a changing world of increased cultural consumption."

The exhibition showcases photography and short videos taken on the students’ field visit exploring the architecture, patterns, people and carpet designs of Turkey. It will also display souvenirs purchased by the students in Istanbul; souvenirs that display the current tension between craftsmanship and globalised mass production. Student designs for their own carpet and a carpet store (in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul) will be exhibited in booklets. A travelogue book of photographs recording the cultural excursion titled Consuming the Exotic: Young Architect-Tourists in Turkey, published by Igea Troiani and Original Field of Architecture Ltd. will be available for purchase at the exhibition.

The architecture students are also collaborating with Year 3 and 4 students from East Oxford Primary School in the Gallery space on the 20th February. The students will work with the children to produce handmade artworks responding to the study of cultural patterns and colours in Turkish life and architecture. The artefacts produced by the children from East Oxford Primary School will be on display as part of the exhibition.

The exhibition expands ideas found in Uncivilisation: The Dark Mountain Manifesto (Kingsnorth & Hine, 2010), Edward Bellamy’s (1888) Looking Backward and Alain de Botton’s (2003) The Art of Travel.

The exhibition is curated by the Oxford Brookes University architecture students, Andrew Dawson from Original Field Architecture Ltd., and Igea Troiani, senior lecturer in Architecture.

Students that took part in the visit to Turkey were; Carlota Boyer Berguese, Laura Brayne, Jonathan Carter, Sharan Chandola, Lucy Dickson, Artemis Hoholi, Imogen Humphris, Ismail Irma Binti Shazatur, Joanna Jagusiak, Jennifer, Jammaers Soto, Ileana Liaskoviti, Iosifina Liatsou, Samantha Malitskie, Jonathan Marsh, Francesco Miniati, Giorgos Nearchou, and Victoria Page.

Thank you to the Old Fire Station, Original Field of Architecture (Oxford), Ege Carpets (Denmark), Oxford Brookes University and East Oxford Primary School for supporting this exhibition.

The exhibition has also been reviewed by the Oxford Culture Review.