19 December 2013

Brookes Architecture lecturer and editor-in-chief launches journal like no other

Architecture and Culture journal cover

Dr Igea Troiani, Senior Lecturer at Brookes’ School of Architecture, has launched an interdisciplinary architecture journal that brings into question the nature of architecture’s disciplinary boundaries to find out what architecture means today. The editor-in-chief Dr Troiani launched the journal, titled ‘Architecture and Culture’, as part of one of the few all-female editorial teams in Architecture with Suzanne Ewing of Edinburgh’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and Diana Periton of De Montfort University.

‘Architecture and Culture’ is the interdisciplinary, international, and peer-reviewed journal of the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA). The AHRA was set up in 2003 to speak up for architecture’s multidisciplinary discourse and varied modes of research and seeks to provide an interdisciplinary forum where architectural research is defined far beyond the traditional categories of building science and art and design. As a result of the AHRA’s work, Dr Igea Troiani and Diana Periton are bringing forward ‘Architecture and Culture’ as a new idea for multidisciplinary architectural research.

The critical journal explores the wide culture that shapes and is shaped by architecture, from the history of culture and architecture, to geography, anthropology and social science, and from urban design to film, animation and digital media. ‘Architecture and Culture’ refreshes the preconceptions of architectural research and provides a new discourse for what architecture might be and can do.

Editor-in-chief Dr Troiani said:
“The journal’s interdisciplinary theme is unlike that of any other architecture journal that exists today, as not only does it bring to light different disciplinary discourses but also explores the different ways a journal can be presented to a forum hungry for more than one voice. Engaging with new disciplines isn’t a weakness, but a way in which architecture can be strengthened.”

“The new journal includes different kinds of writing, design and criticism related to architecture, ranging from essays, critical reviews and interviews, to fictional narratives in both words and images, art, building projects and design hypotheses and with links to both video and aural work.”

‘Architecture and Culture’ has three issues per year, with one themed issue, one open issue and one conference issue. The journal is published by Bloomsbury and is available for subscription in both print and online versions from the Bloomsbury website.