5 December 2013

Professor in Architecture appointed to international Scientific Steering Committee

Professor Mike Jenks

Mike Jenks, Emeritus Professor at Oxford Brookes’ School of Architecture, has been appointed as an evaluation panellist for the French National Research Agency’s (ANR) 2014 research programme.

As a result of his work with ANR’s high-profile international Scientific Steering Committee on Earth System Science for Global Sustainability in 2011, Mike was invited by the Director General of ANR to take up an appointment as an evaluation panellist in the selection process of projects to be funded by the research agency in 2014.

Mike Jenks said of his recent appointment:

"I was honoured to be invited to such an eminent group helping to steer French research to tackle the role of society in relation to sustainability and climate change."

"It is a challenging task, and quite a revelation to be working with some of Europe’s top environmental scientists. My role is to bring a perspective about urban sustainability into the 2014 research programme."

The committee is part of a large French government initiative to fund research projects and support the national research sector. The programme, called Investments for the Future, was launch by the ANR to deal with the nine major societal challenges identified in the France-Europe 2020 Strategic Agenda.

This recent appointment follows the invitation to Professor Jenks to be a member of ANR’s international Scientific Steering Committee in 2011. Professor Jenks was one of only two members invited to this committee from the UK. The objective of the committee was to enable French researchers to better understand how the natural Earth system functions. In the future, this new understanding will support better decision-making, better governance, and better involvement of society and private sectors in framing the future in relation to sustainability and climate change. Mike was the key committee member for the programme area of Sustainable Cities and Housing, and helped to establish the overall agenda and a programme of major funding for future research in the field of societal challenges for the 2013 and 2014 programmes. An important part of the work was to help encourage inter- and trans-disciplinary research, and to bring social scientists and environmental scientists together in collaboration.