02 June 2015

Architecture Academic speaks on Radio about ‘The Changing Role of Women in Architecture

The Changing Role of Women in Architecture

Dr Igea Troiani was interviewed by Wardululu Alsaffar, Anthony Andrews, Galina Borovikova and Adrian-Constantin Alexandrescu on Brookes Radio about ‘The Changing Roles of Women in Architecture.

In the radio talk Dr Troiani discussed issues of gender discrimination and difference in both teaching and professional practice. She also elaborated on dealing with parenthood and professional life, as well as what it has been like being a woman in a male-dominated profession in the construction industry. The interview builds upon research untaken by Troiani on ‘The Image of the Woman Architect’ published in Architectural Theory Review and the book, Women, Practice, Architecture: 'Resigned Accommodation' and 'Usurpatory Practice' (Stead ed.) as well as her co-authored paper “The Apparel of Architecture: Dress, Image and Identity in a Creative Profession” (Troiani and Stead) recently presented at the ‘Fashioning Professionals Symposium’ held at the Victoria and Albert Museum on the 27th March 2015. The podcast of the radio interview is available here.