2 June 2015

First Year BArch Costume Catwalk Show

On Tuesday 14th April 2015 at 6.30pm on the 4th floor of the Abercrombie building the School of Architecture hosted a Catwalk show exhibition of Costumes of 'Famous Buildings in Architectural History' modelled, crafted and made by First Year BArch students as part of their coursework for the module ‘Introduction to Architectural History and Theory’.

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Attended by around 120 visitors, the show was the outcome of a a form of performative practice-based teaching – where students study architectural history, read seminal texts by the architects who designed the famous buildings, and then translate the design philosophies of those buildings into publicly exhibited costume designs. The show was a celebration not only of the study of modern architectural history but also the innovative and creative use of design practice by the students within Cultural Context teaching undertaken in the school. The exhibition was curated by Tom Linzey, Jack Young, Amy Johnson, Shi Ying Teo, Craig Ross and Hilton Murrell in collaboration with Dr Igea Troiani, the module leader and Subject leader of History and Theory in the School and member of the OBU research group Architecture and the Culture of Interdisciplinarity.