Unit A + RIBA Building Futures Initiative

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Unit A has participated in RIBA's Building Futures programme 'Conflict in Architecture'. Over the course of semester 1 the students worked with existing urban conditions along the River Thames and investigated aspects of adaptation and co-habitation in public space for the tomorrow of 20 years time.

Co-habited infrastructures

Public space has been generally interpreted as a shared platform for interaction between a wide cross section of users, inhabitants and visitors that negotiates means of access, control and programmes. These relationships manifest specific contextual qualities, which could be called "urban infrastructural 'life-forms'" with their own set of rules.

As most projects are rooted within 'everyday' conditions a special focus is apparent on social issues and all projects share a strong interaction with the public realm they are based in. These approaches are similar to 'seeds' of the future with roots in the present, actively engaging users to resolve and adapt to the unpredictable conditions of tomorrow.

Interactive Google map of student projects

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