About OB1 LIVE

The idea of OB1 LIVE came from a desire to formulate an informal opportunity for a group of year one architects to build something over the long summer vacation. Starting in 2007 with a bird hide and then the subsequent year as a public installation - mistakes were made and learnt and newly acquired skills developed in preparation for the following academic year. Since then we have brought live projects into the curriculum during the semester and have been lucky to collaborate with many more clients with interesting and challenging briefs.

An essential part of the OB1 LIVE experience is reality. Real clients. Real planners and building control inspectors. Real institutions. With real budgets, construction and site constraints. We work with many stakeholders and all students participate in the project, as they feel able.

The design projects undertaken reflect the many creative minds that have volunteered their time to the projects. Often the year one is over-looked for the older years – but we feel there is energy and precision in these fresh architectures and as such each project is unique, site-specific and valuable.

As we move on we are excited about the possibilities and scale of future OB1 LIVE projects and would like to thank Oxford Brookes University and all those who have been involved or supported these projects.

Programme Leader:
Jane Anderson