M.Arch Advanced Architectural Design gallery

The M.Arch programme concludes with a Dissertation Project in which an individual student works with the tutors, over the summer vacation, on a project developed from the work of the design studio. The dissertation can take a written, film or design based form and students are encouraged to produce original and imaginative work.

The studio places emphasis on the importance of developing a student's ability to demonstrate conceptual clarity, and to maintain a strong link between concept and design. Students are also encouraged to explore a wide range of media and technique and to develop a rationale for selecting appropriate techniques for the representation of particular architectural ideas.

Student work 2007

To see the work of the studio click on each student's name to see examples from their portfolio.

Faisal Bashir

Veljko Buncic

King Sun Cheung

Jawahir Elzain

Charlotte Henry

Balwinder Kaur

Atit Kumar

Michael Lambert

Phakorn Nilwong

Siraj Rehman

Shaji Varughese