As an architecture student you'll have access to superb facilities to prepare you for professional practice. Assessment on architecture courses includes combinations of coursework, laboratory and field practicals. Many of our degrees use continuous assessment of project work to make sure that you're getting the most from your degree.

A workshop for the exclusive use of architecture students and staff is available on campus, offering dedicated spaces, tools and technologies for working with a wide range of materials. In order to use the workshop it is required that you attend an induction session. The induction will clarify what you can expect from the workshop and familiarise you with the University and School's health and safety codes, while making you aware of the safe use and basic functions of equipment and tools normally available there. This includes: Band Saws, Jig Saws, Radial Arm Saw, Pillar Drills, Sanders, Planing Machine, Morticing Machine, Vacuum Former, Hot Wire Cutter and the Laser Cutter.

A wide array of hand tools and machines are available in the workshop including saws, drills, planes and lathes for wood and metal turning among other applications. In addition to the machinery, the workshop contains a wealth of resources and materials, from scissors, rubber bands, wall tacks, nails, screws and glue to various pieces of recycled plastic, wood and steel.

The workshop's state-of-the-art laser cutter, used for engraving, drawing and cutting to the finest tolerances, has raised the standard of model making in the School to the highest level.


Architecture workshop

John Payne Building

Oxford Brookes University
Headington Campus
Gipsy Lane
Oxford, OX3 0BP

Joël Chappell
Architecture Workshop Manager

Oxford Brookes Architecture Workshop