Alumni profiles

After studying in the School of Architecture, our graduates go on to work in a wide range of fields.

These profiles detail the careers and achievements of some of our alumni, such as Patama Roonkrawit, who after graduating from the Development and Emergency Practice course went on to found Community Architects for Shelter and Environment in her native Thailand.

Alumni Profiles




Career since leaving Brookes


Clare Nash Clare Nash MA International Architectural Regeneration and Development 2006-2012 Founded Clare Nash Architecture
United Kingdon
Robert Boltman Robert Boltman BA Architecture
Brookes Academic Excellence bursary
2008-2011 Works at Holder Mathias Architects, Cardiff
United Kingdon
Marcus Cubitt Marcus Cubitt BA (hons) in Architecture, MA Urban Design
Part 1 bursary with PRP Architects
2004-2011 Works as an Architect and Urban Designer at PRP, London
United Kingdon
Akbar Nazim Modan Akbar Nazim Modan MA International Architectural Regeneration and Development 2007-2009 Senior Researcher with the World Habitat Research Centre
Nanavati, Manalee Manalee Nanavati MA International Architectural Regeneration and Development 2014-2015 Studying Yasmeen Lari's 'zero cost, zero carbon footprint’ methodologies of construction
Toby Balson Toby Balson Sustainable Building: Performance and Design 2005-2006 Works as an Energy Consultant at the Building Research Establishment
United Kingdon
Kate Bowen Kate Bowen MSc Development and Emergency Practice 2002-2003 Involved in humanitarian work in Kandahar, Afganistan
United Kingdom
John Duthaler John Duthaler Diploma in Architecture 1996 - 1999 (Full-time) Architectural Assistant, McBains Cooper, Oxford
United Kingdom
Patama Roonkrawit Patama Roonkrawit PGDip Development Practices 1994-1995 Founded the CASE Studio, Thailand